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Looks like you already accounted for it :smiley: Nice one :+1:

I would love to have this myself but no ide how to do it :3

First thing that has peaked my interest in the game in a while, this is awesome man! @Simoyd
@Dorit0Bandito Assuming they allow this sort of thing, you have the right idea!
However you’re overthinking it, just blast a byte stream that contains location, a user ID, and a token to verify, (UDP).
A service will pick it up and update user, location, and a timestamp in a list and continuously update users on the map system, dropping a user from the list if the timestamp is too old (~ 1 - 5 mins).

That’s basically what I’m thinking. Although with a web service instead of my own UDP protocol. It’s faster for me to make this way.

I don’t know electrons capabilities when it comes to reading from memory but it might be worth looking into for a cross platform client app.

Hey, @Simoyd! Good job! I have a map pieces for all planets. Thirteenth included. Do you interest in that? Or maybe you have something more interesting for all? :wink:

Please, look at The Royal Geographical Society

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The maps I have appear to be about the same resolution as yours (yours left, mine right):

What is the 13th map? Is it sanctom? Or is it the map of all the planets? Or something else?

With respect to the regions, I intend to use data gathered with the desktop client I’m making to map out the regions in an automated fashion.

I’ll take a look. I’ve never made a cross platform UI before. For the memory reading stuff specifically I will certainly need to use native code. I’ll have to figure out what the mac OS APIs are, then figure out how to invoke them from whatever UI I choose.

Phoebus :wink:
Not a map actually. Only set of rags unfortunately.


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it’s the planet where dev city is. it’s no longer up.

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Updated original post


Check this out.

So I have a little app (top left) that shows me the block I’m looking at (left) and a list of blocks which don’t have gradients mapped to them (because I cant for the life of me figure out how they are mapped in the game data).

How it works
The block on the right is the selected item in the middle list. I look at the debug coordinates in game to find the block in my list and look at it. The save button turns red when I’m looking at a block with an unsaved gradient. then I drag the third slider to find a suitable gradient then hit save.

In this video I find that some bevelled blocks don’t have the right gradient and the beacon is a special case that I"m dealing with later. then I can hit render and get a top-down view of the chunk (16x16 area) as a png.

As I go on there are less and less blocks that don’t have gradients mapped. I should be on my way to producing high-res maps of the world in no-time =D.


The location client has been updated for the current version of boundless. You can download it here: . Keep in mind that this may break a few times in the near future due to hot fixes that usually happen after a big patch.

That being said, I’ve updated the client to request the memory addresses from the server, so you don’t have to go download a new version (after after this one) every time a new hot fix is released. You just have to wait for me to update the server with the new addresses and the client should keep working.


Server updated with memory locations to pass player name properly to server.

Preview of version 2 containing some high resolution data:


You’re insane @Simoyd… and a great programmer! :smiley:
Good job on that!


50 clicks HYPE!!!

Got my scanner working. As I walk around the game, high-res data now auto-uploads to the server for any chunk that I look at (within a certain range of me). Have to put the coloring logic back in, but it’s a good start. I scanned the portal seekers HQ and chisel town. Took me less than 5 minutes each.


Integrate the scanner into the client and get us all scanning? :grinning:


Yup, that’s the plan =D. Still going to be another week or two (at least) before it’s ready for that.


Ha! It looks like an old school RPG map!


Top left is going to be the new client. Will allow being minimised to tray.
Bottom left is the server output.
Still need to assign colors to all the blocks/colorindexes, but I got the color feature working (you can see a few colored blocks in there)