Marble bug?

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Is this light seepage I’m getting between marble blocks that are near gleam a bug? It’s quite ugly.

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Not if they are chiseled in just such a way on the other side.

If they are solid cubes I don’t think it should do that.

I just noticed the bit on the front almost looks like a coil spark:


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What are the coordinates of this location? It looks like a lighting / normal issue.

It’s on sovereign world Aloneagainor and coords are:

338N 1,330E

It is only visible at night when gleam is bright btw. I tell a lie, it’s visible now in daylight!


Same issue with concrete and some other blocks


Yea I have that issue with those combustion blocks in a spot. Can’t get on now but will post coords and pictures when I can.

its always been like this though


It’s still an aberration though.

i understand it might be for some , not for me i do like it!
but yeah I’m not bothered if it gets changed to make others happy, i will just adapt as usual ^^

I had a look earlier and it certainly matches what’s in the screenshots provided (although it’s easier to see during the night as opposed to daytime). I’m trying to work out if it’s reflecting off some of those blocks.

Does it show the same effect if you placed the same type of blocks away from the other block types?