Marble market

Anyone know of a good marble shop with a huge selection of colors, and fair price?

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All native metamorphic colours currently stocked at Sydney marble on Lasaina at 20c each. Will be adding a few other colours on the back area next week too including white.


Nice, thanks I’ll be there after my exo excursions.

Cool, if you have other colours you would like stocked, just ask :grin:

@econodog has extremely competitive prices, but I know there’s a marble shop in Nova Golda, and @AeneaGames also has a concrete shop. :slight_smile: I have been to other shops recently that did have marble but sadly I don’t remember which ones, since I usually only window shop.

Myself; I do stock Antar VI marble (dark grey) but I have been thinking of stocking other marbles, though I don’t think I could compete with econo on the prices. :sweat_smile:

If bones and pulsating orbs keep rising in price (and demand), I will have to rise prices. Sitting on enough for a few restocks before that though :grin:

Yamaska on minorengle were I go

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Selling tons of all orbs at dome if ever need any :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I used to go to Ooh La La in Duskmoor but since that town got nuked I can’t find it anymore. If anyone knows how to get there or where it might have relocated they always had good prices prior to the marble rebalance.

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That was @Greenheart and she’s in HSE on Sorissi now

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Greenheart is in Kinder Bay now and has a portal in Portal seekers biitula called Rainbow Palace


Rainbow palace is also at the TNT hub.

I’ve got a space on Sorissi at Kindred Bay, all regular meta colors at 25c. Exos at 40. Chisel changed at 45 . Marbl slabs is the shop name

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