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Glad US prime time got yet another exo. No, really i am.
And sad. For the EU…again.


finally a nice gleam colour…


Gorgeous shots all, love the look of this one, can’t wait to check it out here in awhile. :slight_smile: Very dreamy look to it, love the canyons.


Yep, I was snoring, yet again…



Does your site compare to this one?


Yeah, I like this one! :slight_smile: The wood is particularly gorgeous. Beautiful canyons under an alien sky…

Edit to add a few night shots:


I visited New Manhattan on Marcornus today :grinning::+1::+1:
Be aware; don’t get lost :boundless:


I’ve been there yesterday. Nice colors, beautiful skies. Going back this weekend for sure :slight_smile:


Finally got around to going down into the caverns, yeah, this gleam is really pretty. :slight_smile: Think I’ll just spend my game time today collecting what I can mostly…


I love that gleam! Blue is one of my fav colors :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I think the pics don’t truly do it justice, it is just gorgeous, seems to have a little hint of pink to it even. :slight_smile: I think my death count today going for it is at least four, probably higher, but I don’t care, as who knows when that color will roll again!


… Something just hit me. This gleam color will be perfect for lining bodies of water once we have placeable water. :heart_eyes: Random thought I know, but just imagine big pools or canals with this! I’m going to scramble later to get even more. Have some ideas now.


Oh yeah stock up. I think I go 11 or 12 stacks. Woot woot.


That was already something that had occurred to me. It’s also perfect for a night-style lighting theme.


Where is that :open_mouth:


This is actually a great idea. Gives a nice shine.


I just collected 5 smart stacks for that very reason. :smiley_cat:


Dont suppose u have the co ords…


The planet should be closed at this point. Several people farmed multiple stacks of the gleam, if you’re looking for it

Edit: Closes tomorrow, my mistake