Marrs Shop + shop API spreadsheet


I made a little shop as an experiment!
Through Ultima HQ Arie Portal - straight ahead on plaza.
Price Feedback most welcome.

Price List - updated 26th Feb 2019


Have you got request baskets?


No. I don’t know what I want. LOL


Ha, more of the stuff you want to sell? :sunglasses:


I started making diamond tools and weapons. I’ll have a think.


Animal drop baskets are always useful for forgers


Hello Neighbor. Nice shop. :wink:


Prices update on


New stock and price updates :slight_smile:


Restock, Sacs reduced, Shards added. Cheap Iron Tools


If it’s any help to anyone else who wants to create a shop on that site, here’s the spreadsheet I update with.

Copy it, register your own Shop ID and Secret and add it to your copy.

Fill in the item names and prices and quantities and it makes you a link to click on which will update your shop. You can keep extending it downwards.

I should have scripted it but I’m too busy playing :slight_smile: Maybe at the weekend.