Masks and jewellery

Besides the normal amor slots I would like to see jewellery slots like rings, amulets, bands etc.
These jewelleries could be either crafted to give some basic effects like night vision or found. The rare baubles can only be found in chests. They would give the player special buffs/abilities like fire resistance or invisibility.

Special masks could give the player some awesome abilities like in majoras mask :smiley: I cant really think of any abilities right now so please write you ideas in the comment section :smiley:

baubles? 10 char

its a nice idea its a way to customize your stats more, but i think allowing special trinkets to give special abilities is slighly overkill, in my humbler opinion passive statboosts or abilities would be better for it.

also on masks i think that one of the things which would be nice is a β€˜β€˜Hidden’’ or β€˜β€˜Covered’’ trait on helmets in case they actually cover your entire face, i will post the idea here again since it is pretty relevant

some head items should count as fully covering making people unable to see your name and instead only see an hp bar with β€˜β€™???β€˜β€™ above it.

this is for both light, medium and heavy armor ofc.

for light


and for heavy

i would love to see this system, because it makes sense, if they cant see my face how would they know who i am.

also imagine how awesome it would be to make an assassin guild just walking around on pvp zones, all they can see is the guildname and then β€˜β€™???β€˜β€™

this would require 2 things though. 1) only show people health plate when you have damaged them and is in a sort of combat state with them, if it always shows then its pretty hard to hide and 2) you should be able to toggle guild name on and off.

I would totally join an assasin guild :stuck_out_tongue: