Master Merchant Control... just a random idea


I know this might not be something doable or easily doable for the devs but thought I’d toss the idea of a Master Merchant Control item out, as I was thinking of several uses for it that might be both convenient and stimulate the economy a bit.

The first purpose it would serve is a master list of items where you can save prices that - if enabled - would apply to all of your plinths in the universe. In my case, I sometimes swap items around, and in those cases or when I run out and restock, I’ve had to have a few people give me a heads-up that I forgot to set a price when I put goods out. Also, though this doesn’t apply to me yet, I know there are people with multiple shops scattered around. Might just make it simpler to set a price in one place that would be saved until you change it.

The second thing I thought would be neat would be - now that we have a trading channel - if something like this could let you set a blanket discount to your items and even put a timer on it. So, if you wanted to get some business and have a flash sale, you could shout out that “There is a 30% sale at X on Y for the next hour!”

Related to the above, it could also let you set a discount for friends and guild members. I was thinking how I definitely wouldn’t mind selling stuff to my neighbors even cheaper than I list already, but I also am not too social so I don’t really check in with them too much I admit. It would be neat to just give them a 50% discount or so at my store, though.

Anyways, thanks for reading my rambling! :slight_smile:


To add on to this thought, it would be great if you could use the same device to funnel $$$ into Request Baskets without having to go and physically refill every… single… one.


inb4 someone says they like doing things "the old-fashioned way"


Yep, that would be great too! :+1:


Haha no way, everyone’s begging for some merchant QoL


Someone hasn’t been on these forums for long enough…


And if this device would also keep track of stock of shop stands all over the universe than this machine is the machine that can have a dev created API on top to be used for a website without the need for scanner software that can’t be run on anything other than Windows!

Excellent idea!

Also love the sales thing! At times I’ve had a sale had to run longer or a bit shorter due to RL stuff and this would solve that nicely!

And a big yes to discount for friends/guildies! Been wanting that! Tho was hoping that in a future update we can use the advanced locks for that too, not just as access with owner perms but general access as in selling/buying and then set up a friend/guild store!

Can now do that with a locked door with an advanced lock but if anyone leaves it open or somehow manages to sneak in the they can still buy using the special discount