Mats disappearing after pulling into the inventory


Ok yes this is a bug. During stasis your player doesn’t run in a trusted state (the server is still loading your player from a database) so you shouldn’t be able to pick items up. I’m working on the fix.


That’s Dave! Can you turn back time and give me top tier forge mats back?? :joy:. I’m glad we caught it. This is something that may have been happening to a lot of us for a while. Even explanations to why things may have been disappearing in machines? Just grabbing things to early?


You shouldn’t be able to lose items from machines in the same way (unless you smash the machine to bits which you can’t do while untrusted) because you are not allowed to interact with machines while untrusted.


Also be careful dropping valuable items on the floor because

  1. Anybody can come along and pick them up (with auto looters they might not even mean too!)
  2. Dropped items despawn after 3 minutes (so if you lose your internet connection then the items will be lost)
  3. Dropped items are not saved on the server (so if the server stops for maintenance or crashes the items will be lost)

If you are moving house it is way way way safer to move stuff by hand pressing E on each thing (if its in a players or blocks inventory space then it is saved and safe!).

Hopefully we can make moving house easier at some point.


Ok Dave. Will do. I usually am careful about alot of this but crashing is something you can’t control. I usually don’t mind but it’s the stacks of feathers I lost. That was painful!