Maxed Memory out at 4.9 million K

Sadly I didn’t get a screenshot but Oort reached 4.9 million K memory while playing. This started to happen after the new update. I’ll try to catch it again hopefully soon along with my computer specs.

Hmmm update might contain a memory leak.

  1. How long were you roughly playing for?
  2. What were you mainly doing? Exploring / building / switching worlds / something else?
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Approximately 3 hours. This is usually when the game starts to get buggy for me and friends.

I was mainly exploring within 500 - 1,000 block radius on Lotad. People around me were building.

My computer maxed out hardcore. I had to restart the whole thing and I have a pretty beefy computer.

We’re investigating this - clearly a memory leak. We’ll get it plugged and updated asap. For now, you’ll just need to start and stop the game every hour or so.


Thanks for being quick on this. Hope I helped!

Seems like it’s just caching everything you render.

I hit around 18mil before I felt it wasn’t safe for my computer anymore. Please do something quick before this ruins my computer or someone else’s. :frowning: