Mazes on Maryx

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The final touches are being placed for the 1st four levels of the mazes. For the next couple days, the entrance portal and exit portal will be in my home base on Trior, afterward the exit will be elswhere leading to the next set of mazes. Im waiting on some stuff to finish crafting and I need to gather some oort. Tomorrow(wed aug 3) I will be attempting to join a hunt.
I will be adding more mazes in the near future, of increasing difficulty. Levels 1, 2, and 3 are fairly easy. Can you figure out level 4? The only things you should need are a light source and a grapple. I welcome our YT peeps to check it out. I will post a short video here, with the coords to both the Maryx entrance and the Trior entrance.
Please leave some feedback after you try it. I am interested. Here or in game. I’ll post a mailbox near the exit.


Here’s your Link

Whoops! Wrong one!

That’s better :sweat_smile:
Have fun and enjoy your day! Mine is ending at 11:45a because I work nights :crescent_moon:

are you hiding some shopstands inside can offer some treasure to put on them from my event shop some baloons for example
you can turn off the locate function on shopstands i thinkz


I absolutely can! I was thinking about that this morning! Using “out of season” items as rewards.

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