Medieval Village

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Hi everyone, ever since i first time played Boundless i wanted to make a small Medieval looking village, than i stopped playing for some time, and now im back. So basically i will be making plots for people to build there in a medieval fashion, but i dont really want a lot of shops, i would like to see it as a community that lives there (houses, workshops, bazzars, farms etc.) , im well connected to the hubs, so no worries on that. I will accept everyone who shares my idea.

Im based on Nia zed Kaa, you can get to my place with a portal from DK’s Ultima tree (they still have to change the name (Legatus corp.)) and i would gladly hear for some names for the village (Im thinking of Raewick)



Nia zed Kaa use to have a wonderful Medieval city at the hub. Last I was there it looked nothing like it use to.


Ye this one is my first project so ill try my best on it :smiley:

Also a Medieval city with the castle and the village is coming to Raxxa too in next month or so

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@Orrian Where is this located? I love the ship! I’ve been planning to build one since I were but a wee Oortian lad. Yarr!

My city in the pictures is just East of the PS Biitula Hub. Right at the end of the road. The ship was kindly built by @Mittekemuis. :slight_smile:


Very, cool! My Autumn Dell brethren on Trior love the medieval village style.


I agree that is a very nice build

This looks pretty awesome

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