Meditation, Dream-Worlds, and Personal Temples

Early this week, the dev’s gave us the idea of Oort Temples that could serve as a simple tutorial on how to start playing the game, before setting off on our journey in the Boundless Universe. As well as this, the desire to save pst builds and bring them with you has also been brought up by @hcabatsnave. So, Ive had the idea of being able to save old builds to admire later.

My idea is that a player can interact with a Meditation pad, in which they will assume an animation that looks like their meditating. When a player meditates, they enter a tiny pocket Oortian Temple, where they can put down old builds and actually go through story elements of boundless, as well as review 3D memory fragments. This would allow players to save their own creations for themselves, while allowing them to progress with the story and in the game.

(NOTE: Crafting, Storage, and other functional features would NOT be permitted within the meditation. Also, if the player is hurt in the real world, they would get pulled out of the meditation)


I think that would be pretty cool, but it sounds more like a post 1.0 project if at all since it would be fairly complicated to implement and wouldn’t add much to gameplay.


It is a bit late to implement something this large. If it was to come into the game, it would have to be post launch of the game. Get the core game working smooth first, before throwing on the sprinkles and icing.


The idea of reviewing story content or saving builds is a good idea, the meditation approach feels out of place to me. For the most part, this game prefers a sciency approach to explaining game mechanics, and meditation feels like spiritual or even religious magics.


O: Like the spaceships on starbound!

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I was thinking about that as well. My way around this was to somehow make the meditation pads mingle with Oortian technology, that way they make more sense. It would be kind of a spiritual/technological mix I think.

For copying builds, what about a system where you craft a blueprint from your beacon. The beacon would copy all the details about required materials for the build and the locations of all the block inside it’s reserved plots as well as the number of plots required. Then in order to view a build you load the blueprint up into some sort of machine. Something like your meditation pad.


I think something like this is already planed.
(At least something like Blueprints has already been mentioned by the developers)


creativerse has a very similar blueprint system in place,basically you place the blueprint down and it tells you what brick goes in what slot and where to put it(until the building is complete),if its put in the wrong place the brick is highlighted with a red outline (mostly useful for ppl who are so savvy with building) personally i just like to experiment and just go with it :wink:

i agree,personally think magitech theme would fit better (assuming Oortians have magic)