Mega Coil (1 coil that maxes a machine's power) POLL

I want a machine that looks more like this;

The closest workaround is to build a shell with blocks outside the power coils. Or to hide most of the coils beneath the fake machine. Might try that for my next machine room.

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Yes 7200 power is the max but if I remember correctly the only machine that actually needs that is the forge. After 12 or 13 coils the amount of time/spark that is saved doesn’t even show because it’s so small.

this, to me, is completely defeating the purpose, of reducing the amount of meshes used (and space too!)

I think there is room for both the normal Advanced power coil and this super coil. Some people like to have really super compact builds. Some people like to have super facilities like host. And others may just want a combination maybe that super coil will allow someone to fit an extra machine here and there into a already filled Workshop. So I think having both gives everyone options I think that’s a beautiful scenario

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Just add a bigger coil that’s 500 power, and requires Lucent gems with the regular gems.

I don’t want one that just maxes everything, that’s boring.

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I’d be for this. Same crafting requirement, just a way to save space in your build. If you don’t like the one coil, stick with 24. I’d imagine less meshes could help with performance as well?

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If only more people had this opinion on the forums :blush:


That’s exactly what I was thinking.

From a building perspective, no. It would 100% be easier to build with fully powered machines but the whole thing with building is working with the challenges. Plus i think fully coiled machines look pretty dope


Either way, honestly. Today there is little reason you would want more than 24 advanced, only a theoretical reduction in time and spark. In the future, maybe there are “endgame” recipes that require 7200+. A 900 power coil could allow that future option while today offering an option for fewer coils to produce 7200 power.

Centraforge, the more power the higher the effectiveness the easier things are to forge. It would most certainly be of benefit there especially with lucent gear!

Good point there. Though projecting that the current curve of bonuses for any machine’s coils past the current max might be wishful thinking and a bit presumptuous of us. (myself included)

More coils needed! Means more things to repair, more grindy maintenance interactions, and more spanners to eat through!

With the next update hitting the machine or one of the coils repairs the machine and ALL coils, just need to swing more often in the same spot…

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I voted yes but not for one gigantic power coil - I would be happy about third tier of power coils giving more power than the current advanced ones, so let’s say 600 (with 12 allowed per machine, if 7200 power is cap intended by devs). Or maybe 900 with 8 maximum allowed per machine. That would simplify and minimize full 7200 power set up enough, for those who don’t like the current full 24 due to its space requirements.

Wouldn’t people who wanted to work with challenges still be able to even if this new coil existed?

Maybe a 3x4 section of coils could “merge” and only cost 1 mesh instead of 12…?

I have no idea how it works tbh.

Let’s assume they merge and you go from 9 mesh to 1. So you eventually hit the limit again with those mixed blocks and then for some reason you decide to break the coil and it goes back to 8 meshes that will overflow the mesh limit what happens next?

I voted no for a single coil that maxed the machine. It would be hard to balance a block like that.

I mean coils are already a pain to craft and are very expensive now a coil that maxed the machine? Nope.

BUT a 3rd level coil that gives you 600 or so power would be more reasonable