Mercenary Chiseler For Hire

So, I left the game a while back because Grind. And I still fear/dread the grind. But I always loved the building aspect of Boundless, especially with the flexibility that came from chiseling. And I was talking with someone else earlier who said he knew more than a few folks looking for builders, so I thought I’d see what’s going on nowadays…

I would like to build your next project. The bigger, the better.

If you’ve never had much love for building, or talent for it, or both, I’m here to help… Your materials, your tools, your plots - BUT, your project idea, and you get to keep it when it’s done. Just keep feeding me blocks and give me plenty of artistic freedom, and you can reap the rewards.

Please message me here or privately with your project idea(s).

For folks who are newer to the game, I present my Early Access portfolio:

Tell me what you need!


Very Nice Build. I was actually asking around about builders like this just this morning. I don’t mind the Grind but I can’t build very well and I wanted to setup a Nice base/shop. I also did not want to pay an arm+leg to get some one to build for me.

Ingame character “Alduin” was looking for (a) builder(s) for quite an extensive project, dont seem to find him on the forum though sorry… @the-moebius is also a great NPC for building quests lol.

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You won’t have to pay an arm OR a leg, boss… If I like what you’re doing and you provide the materials/tools/food, I just build it and that’s it. The cost is whatever it would cost you to build it yourself.

Let me guess what he wants… Sovngarde? :thinking:

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I have an interesting project for you. Will post later, once I’ve had the chance to grab some screen shots to tempt you.

There’s a large open space ready and waiting for a master craftsman like yourself. I will provide whatever you need, and you can build whatever takes your fancy.

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Here’s one of the plots in Xa Frant. One of three on the East side of PS portal hub.
Come and have a look and see what you think :slight_smile: