Merging Smart Stacks

Always found mixed smart stacks to be a pain, this really came to the fore with Gleambow Racing where it was pretty time consuming merging like for like. For example I end up with multiple mixed Smart stacks of glass, I store them to make room (without sorting them out into colours at the moment). I complete a few more Gleambow Meteors and end up with more glass. I take them back to my base for storage. Now if I drag and drop one mixed Smart stack(1) onto Another(2) it would be great if any of the Same items in Stack 1 and 2 merged, leaving behind anything that was not the same. The only current way of doing it at the moment is to take one stack of individual coloured glass and attempt to drop it onto every mixed stack you have hoping for a match.

Iā€™m not even aware of a way where you could take something out of storage (other games you would right click - but this in boundless would just open the Smart stack) and right clicking would move the item to your inventory from storage, merging it with any identical items already there.


A colour sorting machine would be awesome


Shift-click does intelligent stacking into the other inventory (not a specifc slot though)

Make an add to existing stack button from inventory \ o_o /

Would be especially helpful when sorting in color pigments, the button would move all items from the inventory with the same id to the storage if the storage contained said id would be such a QOL improvement.

Sorting in pigments is a pain!

New item idea - sorting basket. Once you put an item in, it takes every one of that item from your inventory and places it into smart stacks.

Example: Place one Cold Berry Gravel into the machine, and it automatically removes ALL cold berry gravel from your inventory and stacks it. Not stark yellow gravel, or any other color.

Now place a copper ore into the machine, it starts a new smart stack in its inventory and removes all copper ore from your inventory and stacks it (until it runs out of storage space).

And then if you place a Silk Teal gravel, it creates a Silk Teal gravel smart stack and so on.

Should make sorting a breeze other than the initial putting everything in your inventory.

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