Message reappearing

Switching to Creative mode and back to Boundless make the all the messages reappear unread.
This does not happen if you close and open boundless normally.

Did you just select the option to swap to the Creative mode and then switch back to the normal game immediately? Or did you spend some time in that mode before doing so later?

I only spend a few seconds on a planet before returning back to main game.

Just to clarify, is it all types of messages or only messages from certain chat channels?

It was all of them last time I did it.
From system, pm’s and guild chats.

I’m not seeing this on my end. Is there anything else you can say on what you were doing in Creative mode? For example, did you create a lot of creative servers but only entered one world?

I did open a few servers while on a planet but didnt go to them. I can try and redo the bug and i’ll let you know.

  1. I started the servers while still in the Live servers. (3 planets)
  2. Then I went into Creative mode while still on a live server planet.
  3. Went into the creative world portal and switched back to the live servers.
  4. Then I close / stop all the creative worlds I had running. (3 Planets)

And then all the messages start to appear as unopened after a few sec in the Live Univers

Switching between Creative and Live will reset your Message tracking.

It’s a known issue and will be resolved in the future.


Can I piggy-back here instead of creating a new topic. I created the same character name in creative and now I get authentecation token errors. Did I screw up to reuse my name?

Switching between Creative and Live will reset your Message tracking. This will be fixed in a future update.

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Yes people! It wil be resolved in THE FUTURE so come …(nice footfall)