Metadata timeout disconnects

Didn’t see anything for this searching, and since it has happened more than a couple times (though not too often, not every day or anything like that) and always in the same area - TNT T5-6 network, particularly at Serp - figured I’d just mention it. Maybe just the result of my own bad connection (I’m pretty clueless on technical stuff in case everyone hasn’t figured that out :flushed: ), but get the occasional disconnect when running through here with the message (pretty sure this wording is right) “Timed Out on Metadata”.

No big deal, just figured I’d mention it is happening and where in case that is useful somehow. Thanks for all your work as always! :smiley:

I have never seen that message and I am on PS4 like you.

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Yeah, thought it was odd that it isn’t mentioned by anybody else anywhere in the search results… that is what had me wondering if it is somehow connected to my particularly bad connection (price for living in mountain paradise). Like, the network layout is so efficient, I’m jumping worlds so quickly through it… and often rubber-banding backwards badly in the process… maybe with the rapid jumps with a bad connection, something is messing up somehow? :thinking: (Like I said, I’m clueless on this stuff, haha)

How many more times has it occurred since then?

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None since I made the post. :slight_smile: I could try to trigger it if needed, to record if that helps, run back and forth through the network later today?

I had it happened to me a couple of times I think. But, if I remember correctly, it happened as we were a lot of players going through the portals (on the way to a hunt) and we had a lot of troubles going through some portals to some planets. Also I think one of those time an exo was spawning at the same time.

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That’s a good point, there might have been others around when it happened to me too, but I didn’t take note - I often have more issues though in general if more than a few people are around, part of why I don’t do the hunts, maybe I’ll be able to get better internet here one day, haha.

Ok, happened again so I recorded it, just in case this helps-

Thanks for the video.

@blake @james any ideas what’s going on here?

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Also, if you get it again, please submit a game log just after you see the message once more. Thanks.

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Will do! How do I do that on PS4? Thanks!

Main Menu -> Support -> Report -> Submit Game Log.

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Thanks!! :slight_smile:

The particular error is likely related to bad connections, during the connection with a server we pass a few bits of information back and forth during the handshake phase. During the handshake we’re also determining if a player has a good enough latency to play on a given server (our system can support latencies up to 500ms which is actually very high for a networked game). If your latency is above our maximum you’d get a message saying that the connection isn’t good enough.

In this case I think your latency is likely spiking quite a bit (maybe just contended routing from your isp to our servers, maybe some amount of dropped packets). The initial timing thinks you have an acceptable latency but then during connection the latency spikes very high or there’s a sequence of dropped packets meaning a particular part of the handshake takes a lot longer than expected (in this case I think it’s taking your client more than 4 secs to send a single packet of data to the server, i.e. more than 8x longer than we measured your latency to be). In those situations we just drop the connection with an error and let the client attempt a reconnect.

Now I think this error can only occur during the handshake which means it shouldn’t really be able to happen to a world your actually stood on, this means it shouldn’t be a hard error pulling you out to the error screen but just an error on the portal. We’ll have to try and take a look at why it could happen like this and kick you out the game vs just not opening the portal.

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Thank you, appreciate the explanation and thanks for your work!! :smiley: