Metal buying

Are there any shops selling refined titanium or machined iron?

I don’t have any in my shop but i’d sell some machined iron right now.

30c? I was thinking of refined, I’ll do machined for 24c.

Hey we have some refined, compact and machined metals and also alloys.
any portal that says TNT megahub

Dang looks like I’m locked out of game Alder is down :frowning:

Night star do you have a shop?

Are there any linking portals from a ps hub? Not to familiar with those names.

Oh its not alder, it’s my internet went down

I’ll keep an eye on the forum. I can log in and meet on raxxa when you’re able.

I have a TNT Megahub portal if you want to check their price.

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Yes from the ps biitula shopping hub we have a city port (the ring behind the main portals) and a shop portal one tier up from main portals.
Practically any large place has a link to TNT.
Also PS alder we have a large entry point near the player portals.

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I do need to reprice the metal side of things I guess!

Thanks I’ll look for the TNT portals and if I cant find them tonight, I’ll reach out to you guys here

Alright finally have internet. I’ll be hunting for some refined titanium now. It was just some rats that ate through my internet line. All good.

What’s the name of your shop?

I’m at the TNT megahub

Hey I don’t have either of these in my shop.

I can hand trade you a few stacks of machined iron though.

For reference though my main shop is “sunken storage” there’s a portal in the NW corner of portal seekers biitula hub.

That would be great where could I meet you?

I’m logging onto nightstar.

You can come to my build, LAntern Gardens, via the hubbit, PS, or ultima hubs on raxxa, or via the “raxxa” portal in the DSK Galaxy and TNT hubs.

Or via the portal on biitula heh

Ok just trying to find a raxxa portal