Metamorphic [Black]

Looking to get metamorphic [black only] however right now I do not have much money so wondering if anyone would be up for trading for gleam?
1:1 (I have cool blue, orange stark or silk mint)

This would not be ASAP and I’d be looking to do this exchange multiple times (need a lot of metamorphic black)

Anyone interested?

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I just needed a ton of this. There’s a simple solution. Go to Lasaina to farm it. It’s a low tier world and the black metamorphic rocks are everywhere once you get underground. I used 2 iron hammers and had 6 smart stacks of it by the time they both broke. I need a ton of it for the 10k black bricks I’m making for a build.


Sure, I’ll trade 1:1 for the silk mint gleam. How much do you need?

I would be interested in trading to get cool blue.

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It would be easier for you to farm the black metamorphic rock than the gleam. Like Gamecon99 said, just head to Lasaina and farm it - plenty there. If not, I’ve got tens of thousands of black metamorphic stone & a lot of refined and bricks too. Come see me at Sydney on Lasaina and we can sort something out.

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I’ll scope it out and see right now I have access to some plentiful gleam areas but I’ll def check.

I’ve actually been building my base of gleam because it was easier for me to get :joy: maybe now I can actually build how it should look and not make it seem I’m just out for prestige lol


Good luck grabbing what you need. If you ever come across some coins and get sick of farming that black metamorphic, I usually stock 14,000+ stones (1c each) and 1,000s of brick (10c each) at Thrilloilogy / Rockin’ Rocks on Lasaina :slight_smile:

Angel also has black metamorphic. If it’s easier for you to get to.

Most of our base is made of it bc that was our starter planet.