Metamorphic rock broken tiling

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In short the metamorphic rock won’t tile correctly if placed N S in the following way

The crack is not continuing on the layer above it, but instead jumps over it.

W E works as intended, but not N S.
Here is the order in which the blocks were placed
(N S)

(W E)

Is it similar to this forum topic?

Tbh i’m not sure. Been over that topic and the issue seems sort of similar.
Thing is that the coal block in the question has the same texture on all faces, giving a lot more options when it comes to rotating the block.
The only way to get that texture on the metamorphic rock is to place it on a “support block” on the opposite face you want the said texture, like this. Placing it any other way gets you the striped texture (vertical/horizontal)

so the N S wall is placed the exact same way as the W E wall, by using using the support blocks like in the screenshot above.
Also, someone else in my other topic has tested this, trying to get a different rotation, but got the same results as me.
I’ve also noticed that the texture rotates by 90* when changing W E to N S