Meteor Drops are Sadly Lacking


You understand that I am 2000 hours into the game, correct? I ran the fist community hunts we ever had and the ones when the meteor events started in the game. We had 30-40 people in them.

I complete appreciate you trying to explain things and everything and know you probably mean absolutely nothing by your post. But, sometimes when a person explains something that isn’t asked for and then used the words, “trust me” it can come off as condescending and talking down to a person when there is no real relationship between the two people that actual trust would have been obtained.

Maybe others could care less, but we will soon get a huge group of new players in the community and throwing “trust” and stuff around could cause problems between people we don’t need.


“Trust me” or don’t - my reputation isn’t going to take a hit if you choose not to.

But as a newer player who isn’t as detached from things, I have been experimenting with current builds, and I know what I am talking about when it comes to time based value. I’m an accountant, its what I do. So take that for what it is or leave it, its not going to bother me at all.

I probably overuse the phrase a bit, that much i will grant you - it may be a fault in its own way, but I am who I am, faults and all


We completely need people that show facts in the game and give numbers and stuff so don’t get me wrong on that. We do need that and new player perspectives. I appreciate those views.

It is just something I’ve seen in areas that people can feel talked down too so just wanted to bring it up as a possible thing to consideration. We could easily say, "from what we have seen in the game… versus the trust part and it conveys the same thing basically without making people feel different.


I’ve seen this. People can sometimes react negatively to feedback that start’s with “trust me” because we’re all strangers on the internet, an’ when making a big purchase people try’n be really careful.

We just gotta tell them the truth and tell them the game’s strengths :slight_smile:


Fair enough, forgive my overuse of the phrase, I will try to state the point without the qualifier…

Trust me, I will forget and use it sometimes still ( yes, being facetious in this case! ) so bear with me


So I did lead “the end of the worlds hunt” yesterday. The reason why I wanted to run it was that I suspected that the loot tabels was not fixed yet @james. As everyone ells is saying it’s lacking and probably a bug.

The only said part about it that the less loot feels to may players including me that this is not good enough for continuing hunting and may players instead thought it was easier to do solo hunts. We eaven talked about plans for mass spawning meteors and let them go dormant to loot them. That’s not a good sign. I know there is alot of palyers out there that like the hunts and the social part of it. It’s such good way to get together and do something fun.

I will discuss my options on the combat (tank) in another post soon :slight_smile:


@virresss Did you see this from Tobelawe the developer?


I did :slight_smile:
I just had to post too. As I was leading the hunt :slight_smile:

I’ve had 3000 hours and been leading several hunts every week all from December to now and had 3-35 players it was really hard to count sometimes so probably more too.

I also remember that you stopped leading hunt when the because meteorite where introduced, you got too little Oort, also the meteors were no fun and you liked the old ways (the no feature). this is the reason why the fire caverns shut down.

You have been strongly argumenting that they were not good enough and recently you be been arguments that the solo meteorites need to be bee dropping more loot and then also that group hunt needs fewer drops.

My point, it does not matter what you do, if you are a pro or just a newbie. Everone is entitled to his or her oppinon. it feels sometimes hard knowing that you always is there to strongly argumenting agents so many players and sometimes correcting them. your opinions seem to take over too much sometimes, so chill down. its okay

In my opinion, It’s a bit higher than we had before on live before 195. But it doesn’t sound too much as it takes way more resources and works to get the group hunts going, for lvl 5+ meteors, rather than just go and mine your self. I think the group reward has to be good as it should reward players grouping up because that’s the hardest part of any game function. This is why the difficulty of the group hunt may need an increase, not for everyone but for the tank as the only hard planets are mounteen and alturnik as they have the hardest Debuffs in the game that you can’t block anymore.
so we may need to work a bit harder. higher risk, higher reward.

Furthermore, I believe the aggro may have been nerfed to mutch. to a point where I’m doubting if I’m tanking at all as I can’t hold aggro more than few mobs at the time and only the ones I hit and the ones I hit. I usually do too much dmg. so most mobs I shoot dies anyway 5 seconds later. but he this may be a good change. if we get harder mobs/bosses that the tank has to tank and focus on. the elite wild stocks is a good example. Ee might need the aggro brew to be able to pull full aggro if needed.

So I’m not complaining, as there are too many factors we don’t know about. I’m just saying that there is some sort of unbalance that makes the hunts very different from before and that one tank cant tank them all.

so all hunter you better get some defense now. and maybe some pies.


This is a good point that we haven’t touched on…
During the hunt both you and I were rocking Tank builds with the agro skill and we often times were at different side of the meteor… And even with the two of us we could not hold the mobs attention they were killing and targeting everyone else… In the prior version the agro system wasn’t great but at least it worked the current system doesn’t seem to work at all…


Was it because of this…?


I probably should clarify a few things since there are some misconceptions here:

  • I didn’t put a game hour number to compete with you or anyone. It was to explain to a newer player that I understand the game decently especially the rudimentary parts of it on groups, hunting, etc. and that they didn’t need to tell me how things work when I never asked for details.
  • I never questioned your expertise in hunting mechanics or was even trying to. Nor was I trying to belittle the hunts that have happened regularly. You have done a good job of creating and managing a regular event for the community and deserve credit for that.
  • I did not quit the hunts because Oort was too little. I had plenty of Oort - 10+ smart stacks of raw stone and 15 smart stacks of shards. I was doing numbers comparing normal wild monster hunts against the meteors and it was slightly less (compared to the time invested) but still a lot overall.
  • I didn’t feel the hunts were not fun. I enjoyed them but overall hunting in this game is simple. I stopped doing them because I felt that we should not have removed one feature of the game (large wild creature hunting) for another feature (meteor event) and restricted larger rewards to only the meteor events.
  • Fire Caverns did not shut down. My post specifically said I was on a temporary break. Yet a few hours after my post, our main portal in Therka Market was stolen and completely redid by Portal Seeks without asking if it was ok, or permission from me or Moebius. So maybe that is where you heard that we “shut down.”
  • I rarely argue “loot tables” and that meteors were not good enough because I have not done them with any consistency lately to decide. Instead, my comments on solo Meteors was that it was needed and should not be going away in a push to make more “group only” events. The meteor life was hurting solo play. I have consistently passionately fought for solo and new player experience in this game.
  • I am cautious on drop numbers and lean to less because it was very visible in the game that when the meteor event came out that something was off because we saw a huge spike in portals and an even larger spike in Gem spam everywhere in cities. Cities and builds of complete gems. So somewhere the balance was off and needed to be fixed since people were not mining for it. They were using an “event” system and possibly taking advantage of a bad balance scenario.
  • I’ve never said people could not have an opinion. I only hold them to solid points, facts and figures, and something beyond just beating up people on the forum because they have some critical point or thing they don’t like in the game or are hugely dismissive of that person.

So yeah I passionately defend people that are not being treated fairly and give a little of that medicine back to the person doing it. Yes, sometimes I come on very strong and aggressive, but most of times it is in equal amounts to the person that did the original post. I’m more verbal when people don’t accept all sides of a discussion or don’t give respect to the other views.

I get that it can feel a certain way and at times my passion has gotten the better of me and I tried to make up for that where I can. I have apologized where I can. I feel I’ve done much more for the community, helped move conversations forward, and bring value to the developers more than some. I don’t always like how it was maybe handled, but we all make mistakes and try to become better. I am very aware of that…

In regards to the rest of your post, if aggro is not going well then that will certainly be an issue for hunts. Even in our small group on testing it was hard to balance the attacking especially when we had people that were Builders, Crafters, etc. At low levels you just will not have a balanced hunter only group. So lots of people could die because of not being speced right. This is why I really think we need many forms of hunting between meteors and normal wild hunts.


Thanks @Xaldafax for being so self aware and for giving your passion and attention to the game the way you have :slightly_smiling_face:

We are all works in progress :slight_smile:


You made a great post @Xaldafax . It was spot on. :clap:


Well said @Xaldafax :+1:


you are still missing my point, and probably proven it again. but I won’t argue with you because there is no point to it. it will only derail the topic even further and you will only have your opinions and I have mine.

And I won’t defend Portal Seekers as this topic has nothing to do with it. but I suggest you talk to @the-moebius as nobody gets a portal there without Mobius say so.


Can we please criticize/give feedback without being overly dramatic like “THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!” ?


they had permission i had a rule on plaza if it closes its free
if i had not this rule it would be a useless hub


Warps… Portals aren’t meant to be easy


yeah I agree with Virresss, let’s not get personal here.


Well “getting personal” and how you act towards people goes both ways… Also it is a “relative” term.

I was clarifying on what happened with the Fire Caverns since it was brought up by someone else, had incorrect information about its history, and wasn’t even part of a “meteor drop issue”. For the record, there was no policy on “shut down take portal” (it came later on and we’ve seen many shut down things be held on to) because when I talked to @the-moebius that afternoon he said that he was not asked or had given approval. But, I’m not going to dig into it any more and will move on.

We used to respect people’s portals and builds especially when they were used to support the community. I guess some of us try to do that and some don’t… Good to know.