Meteor Hunt Platform owners


Would any meteor hunt platform owners be willing to let a smallish guild use their network for some hunts? So many but i wasnt sure which or where were possibly available for some use.

If theres any takes just lemme know please :hugs:


@Orrian has built a Norkyna platform to be used by anyone. Im sure he will respond soon.


Hi, i have a Network with 10 platforms (more in work) in merika. if you will i give you perm and location token.
Write me a pm


Hey hey. You are welcome to use the Oort Alliance platforms. More planets coming soon. PM me for more info.


Thanks guys for the prompt responses :blush: Will PM said peoples.


Which brings me to my Question…
Would it be possible, in the future, to ask for removal of one or the othert platform, if i wanted to build in the area?
As mybuilds tend to get rather…huge, it would most likly interfere…


You could always build in an area that doesn’t have one, the platforms are plotted from the ground. So technically, that person owns that land


I am Aware of that. I just asked.


this is getting less and less possible


They is 50 regions but only 15 of the platforms exist on circarpous, not sure about other planets but I’m sure it’s around the same amount of platforms


Even then, it makes no difference to someone else plotting there and building. Other than it being a platform in the sky.

There’s an abundance of plots, where ever you need them. With more plots coming available as places disappear.


Not wanting to reinforce my Question as apparantly the People who build the platforms Arent coming in here anymore.

Have you ever been to…i think… houchos i? Or, was it galan? All regions got platforms iirc from what i have seen.
Just saying, not wanting to argue.


Some planets have been over done. I have found on T6 if they work well 10 to 12 platfroms are enough. With a mid size group doing level 5 and 6 meteors it can take over 1 hour 30mins to go through them all. Having say 30 platforms would not be necessary.


20 platforms are more than enough, but also allow for contingencies. If people do start building near enough to them, they become useless as well. Something to keep in mind I guess.
I don’t think anyone would mind giving a few up if someone was going to build near them, but I have had a hell of a time getting in touch with the owners when I first started using them.

Since the conversation is here, and people may end up here in future looking for answers, if anyone ever has any issue with the new speed hunting platforms on Boori, please contact myself or @econodog.
It has been made very clear that many people do not like this new blight on the landscape. Actually, maybe that’s why some of the platform owners are impossible to contact.


I onlyhave 2 planets i think, where a platform is Right next or in close enoug vicinity to where i would like to build. I can work with that.
Speed hunts wont be here forever :slight_smile:
I might.


What makes you say that?


Hope? :wink:


whats a hunt platform? :smile:


Some of the platforms are really cool, in my opinion. Maybe I’ll make some hunt platforms that just look like really cool, natural floating islands and everyone will love them?

I know, I’m too much of an optimist.


When i first saw them I thought they look like alien spaceships ready to invade the planet. Perhaps with a some tweaks, they could look like UFOs :face_with_hand_over_mouth: