Meteor Meet Footfall Slides


As some people will know, Diligence have create a spectacular footfall slide for the people who join the hunts I host.
I would like to thank @Kaplah & @HumbleBunni for all of there work on these slides.
At the start of every hunt we will go down these slides which will take a total of less than 3 minutes of our time.
From the last slide we will then go straight to the first platform.
The plots will be given to the people who attend the hunts (I’ve been taken notes for the regulars)
They is a total of 160 plots available across 4 slides.
If you would like a plot there let me know either via discord or commenting on here and I’ll reach out to you to discuss a time which is suitable for myself, you and @Kaplah
These will be ran before every hunt I host, it will generate a lot of footfall for every person who has plots. After the hunt has finished we will port back to Meteor Meet circarpous which will have a portal direct to the footfall hub for the slides so you can collect your coins easily.


I’m interested :slight_smile:


Slides sound interesting, am building one at a settlement just for a fun thing to do.

You mentioned platform. I have not yet been able to join in a hunt even though I want to, pain management didn’t work so deal with more pain and less time to play.
Anyhow, do you all gather and jump from a platform to the surface of the planet?


The platforms are on Region borders. So as we all portal up there we go across the border all as a big group which then spawns a high level meteor :slight_smile:
We then throw ourselves off the platform and grapple before being flattened by the ground :laughing: most of the time…


I’d be interested :slight_smile:


Same here. I’m interested.


I would like to have one too, currently I am few days out, will reach out to you on Discord when I am back. Thanks for this activity !


I heard you mention these one time on a hunt when someone called them ugly lol I havnt seen them but im sure they arent ugly - Interested! :raised_hand:
My hunter is LunchLadyArms


If people can post there in game names that would be more ideal, I’m giving the plots to people I see on the hunts I host :slight_smile:



Hoping to be considered. Dont worry if not :slight_smile:


Count me in!:nerd_face::+1:


I would like to get one too :sunglasses: My character name is the same as my forum name.


I’m definitely interested :slightly_smiling_face:

IGN: naquaa


Hey Jacey Fiestyclaws (hunter name) here I wouldnt mind as im a regular :slight_smile:


Would love a spot ,but haven’t Hunted for a while (gleambow) has kept me stocked for awhile


Wouldn’t mind a spot :blush:


Hey Jacey…I Scorpioneyes would like a spot if you have any left still :slight_smile:


Well, I’ll pass then.
Don’t like heights, won’t even climb on a chair. And before anyone ask what would you do if you see a mouse? Well I’ve thrown a few things in the rare times I seen one and for a person who can’t hit the side of a barn I do seem to be able to hit and kill them. If furballl sees them first, I don’t have to worry about it the terrier in her has her literally tearing them apart all over my floor. sigh
The two things I am terrified, phobic, over are heights and spiders based on childhood very frightening events. Otherwise I can deal with it.


TwistedMe is my online name


Just checked out the slides awesome job!:dizzy_face: