Meteor Meet Footfall Slides


Was a pleasure making those slides but something odd happened while doing them. When I started building them 2 and a half weeks ago I was 42 years old, now I’m 59. Think I got caught in a temperal slide time loop of some kind.


You made beautiful slides! I’m proud to represent!

I’ll Boundless my way, thank you!:nerd_face::+1:


Is there a trick to sliding them down afk? I usually see people being afk but my slide always stops in the middle somewhere and I’ve missed the whole hunt because of that.


@Mayumichi I just align myself in the middle and look down, so when I get to the next portal it loads and I only need to move a little in order to fall down it


That’s what I’ve tried, but the slide just stops in the middle randomly, not enough momentum or you hit a side wall and it stops you if you hit it just right since it’s not a gutter-type slide.


I’m not too sure, I manage perfectly fine just standing in the middle, i wonder if anyone else has a problem


I usually push my left stick forward so I keep running too otherwise I can stop at random…


anymore still going?


It’s really all about the aim when you start sliding… if you point at the center of the ice strip you should slide down with no issue. If you touch the wall at all it will slow you down.

In the other slides aim directly at the beacons. :blush:


If you inch to the left or right you should start sliding again. I’ve run into the problem myself and that always fixes it


15 plots available, if you are a regular hunter on my hunts and still haven’t got a plot please reach out to me so we can discuss about getting you a plot on the slide

Discord: JaceyLive#8208


You do it so well and take your time lol


For those who have spots on the amethyst slide please get a hold of me. You actually have a spot on each slide,.the slides are 4 different settlements and were built with intentions for people to have a spot on each.

You can get a hold of me here, on discord @bush#3913 ( make sure it’s in lower case ) and you can pm from my slide hub in kada. I’m usually online between 6-9pm, 12-2am and 4-7am eastern time.

I also have spots available on my slides in kada if some of you don’t have a spot already.


I will for sure catch up to you this weekend! :blush:


Will be on quite a bit tomorrow let me know when your on here or give Jacey a message I have him as a friend. See you then :hugs:


So, how much coin do these things actually make?


Depending how many go down the slides some days it’s only 1k coin but just go back in a few days and get the bigger bucks :wink:

P.s that’s just one slide


footfall is on a rotation of 4 days

If someone comes to your beacon you get maximum footfall, if they return the next day its at a reduced rate and then so on so on until after the 4th day it goes back to maximum footfall which on these slides is 120c per person, approximately 30-50 people go down these slides each day if a hunt is hosted from meteor meet.

So all in all you can get around at least 3600c per slide (They is 4 slides) so around 14400c in 1 day if 30 people go down the slides… :smiley: hope this helps