Meteor Meet Hunting Schedule

Hey everyone :wave:t3:

From today onwards, hunts will continue as before apart from it will be from Monday-Friday 8PM GMT

With the exception of today being the grand opening of meteor meet they will be a hunt today at 5PM GMT / 1PM EST
Be sure to pop along, they is portals open in fantasy tree, fantasy hub, woodlands, DK legendville mall, Jacey’s shopping mall…

If you need any directions to get to any of them locations feel free to comment on this thread :clap:t3:


I will be there :running_man:


Wouldn’t want to miss out so cya there! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

I will try not to die … :confused:

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Biitula - fantasy tree - MM
I think the portal at DK’s tree was closed

we’re there now


Hey sorry I missed half of the hunt.
Small question gmt is it the same time as utc now? Damn time changes irl^^


Daylight saving s**** always mes things up😉

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Would anyone be interested in a hunt on Zahlba I today?

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I use this thing if unsure what is the local time.
[EDIT: the time in the link is NOT the current time, it is set for particular date and my hunting time]

In general, Majority of Central Europe is 6 hours in advance from USE time, UK / Portugal is 5 hours.
This weekend Europe changed time, so now I guess there might be issues with simple recalculations, U.S. seems to change next week.


Thx ^^ ill keep it in mind. has to converter to EST

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What’s happening with Meteor Meet hunts? I keep a hopeful eye on discord but haven’t seen anything…

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I’ve messaged you privately

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9 pm my time,way too late for me
i need to wake up for work at 4 am :frowning: