Meteorite Block Instead of Warp Conduit

Short and sweet suggestion.

I’d like to see an actual meteorite block added into the game of which meteorites are composed, instead of them just using Warp Conduits. I always assumed Warp Conduits were placeholders, anyway. The meteorite block could have some cool feature to it, or it could just be another decorative block.



I second this! The warp conduits are beautiful, but very difficult to build with and are not chisel-able.

Something nice and porous, or with shiny veins in them! OMG…I want to make some concept art now…


Maybe they should replace the conduits with corruption. :wink:


Perhaps people could post concept art of an idea for meteorite blocks. Devs may be more inclined to change it if they see something that looks nice.

Maybe they could make them out of the planet’s gleam. While it’s active it has a dark glow around it or something, then after meteor is done you can loot it like now.

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In Terraria, meteors that fall have their own special material class, producing a beautiful violet and copper color scheme when processed into blocks

Actually it is more accurate to call the metal style “Orichalcum” due to its unique fiery shine, but it would be a GREAT addition to the game

image of meteorite example from Terraria