Meteors and dying

When we die while soloing a meteor. We loose our buffs, and get an xp penalty, and also spawn in with no frikin idea where the meteor was and we are automatically taken off the meteor. So all is lost.

What’s the chance we can at least have like 5 minutes to get back to it before it goes dormant, and maybe an icon of the last known location of our last death?? It’s a real pain in the butt trying to find where you were. I understand keeping us safe when we spawn in, but it’s quite far and random when we finally do.

We shouldn’t be so punished that there isn’t even hope we can make it back and finish it for at least some loot. We lose plenty when we die already.


Back in alpha you could run back and finish meteor, and die numerous times doing that. It was exploitable, people will die, and rush back, and somehow finish meteor they should not be able to do at all.

So now you get “meteor lives” and it goes dormant, when all player doing the meteor die, and no meteor life is left. So if you solo it, when you die it goes dormant.


Meteors you can’t defeat shouldn’t be landing near you, ever. That makes no sense.

Furthermore, even if you did “Exploit” the meteor, who cares, it’s not like it ruins the game for other people, you still have to spend a ton of time to beat the Meteor, XP debuff, etc. If someone “exploits” it, I’m not going to lose a minute of sleep over it, and I can’t imagine anyone else would either.

I keep seeing Super OP Cuttletrunks 1-shotting new players because a Level 4 Meteor lands near them.


I have had level 2 meteorites have stout cuttletrunks come ouf them that had 8 or more hearts. Got my butt kicked every time even with a good bit of points in armour stuff. it needs some balancing for sure. I am finding the game kinda of grindy and frustrating. I have had it for over a year so I am not a new player.


Pre-1.0 we made pits under the portals, made towers to grapple to and had a bunch of people together. when someone died, others were alive to keep the meteor active.

Some of the harder enemies do indeed have too much hp to quickly kill. It does need a bit of rebalancing in my opinion, but when you take a boatload of people, you all get the exp and the drops are individual.

Now, if I had to solo one, and I might next week, I would craft a little bunker to protect from projectiles and snipe things.

Also, don’t forget to take some method of healing yourself. You can’t rely on passive healing. It’s not fast enough, even with the epic. Take some healing brews with you. If you need some, I have some for sale at the aquatopian embassy on Beckon. Glad to give you a good price for them to facilitate your creature killing careers.

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@sztosz Totally not talking about exploiting. In fact I guess it’s an opinion of if we are allowed to finish a meteor at great cost to us, if it’s an exploit. Although if there is an allowed game mechanic that’s not an exploit. Abusing a glitch is.

I’m talking about a game mechanic. Yes previously we could not think about dying,(Once we were high enough level to pic that skill). Now we majorly think about dying after lvl 30. I’m just asking for 2 things. One of them isn’t any kind of exploit, to at least know which direction you died. The other is for no more ALL is LOST scenario, with a xp penalty on top of it and Loss of buffs. I don’t care if the meteor reboots and start all over again, but at least let me have the option to finish it, if I think I have enough resources to do so.

There are things that are better than alpha. It doesn’t mean they are balance perfectly yet. And it also means that when we give suggestions that we are not asking for things to go slamming back to they way they were. But some things could benefit from more of a middle ground instead slamming fully to the opposite direction. Sometimes we are in fear of things going 100% back to the alpha ways that we don’t even think about polishing current mechanics.

@CreativeWorlds It’s near impossible to balance a meteor so perfectly a player can solo it with so many skills options available. There will always be some randomness. I have more of an issue with cuttletrunks chasing me for 15 minutes no matter how I run and what kind of cover I run through. And they can keep shooting me even though they are like twice the distance away from my slingbows reach.


I think it should have some timer to remain active. a couple of days ago I was soloing one and I got disconnected, when I came back the meteorite was dormant. It’s a bit frustating…

This is for the best. I will not tell you how but fighting is easy without high stats and just the right building. This made all meteors exploitable back in beta allowing me to solo a level 3 meteor with my titanium slingbow (which took me almost an hour) without dying. Now it adds a risk factor and a need for skill and the right stats. I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. Meteors are still very easy. On tier 3-4 worlds they are super easy with the right defenses (almost impossible to die for me). If your dying a lot then you probably need to adjust your play style against them. Or you are on a higher tier planet which does not produce easy level 1 meteors. I regret ever trying to roam Shedu Tier to solo level 2 meteors… did not happen once despite having easily solo’d level 3’s on a lower tier planet. I’m sorry its frustrating but soon you wont even remember this BS haha.

If you want an exploit you can still kill a few mobs and die. Leave the bodies on the ground so you can locate the meteor and it will still drop 0-3 oort stones when you return to it in its dormant state. I gained over 50 stones before I ever was able to solo one doing this.

Cuttletrunks are the worst with their rapid fire homing missiles. Best way to escape is to did a hole and block it off. There is a small change the mobs will stay aggro’d on you; if so return to the sanctum, wait 15 seconds and return. If they are still on your butt do the same thing again but further away. This is an exploit to escape aggro.

How come no one has mentioned how you can explore a planet and never have a moment without having meteors and mob aiming for your face but when you look for one you can roam for 5-10 minutes and never see one fall from the sky… I hate you and your laws Murphy.

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Don’t want an xploit. Also it respawns you so far you do not see any of the mobs. Or know what direction it is in. Also I do not want it to be free. I accept the death penalties. Also, I am not debating hunting tactics or claim I died a lot either. I never even mentioned win loss stat’s or which planet I am on or my level or my skill sets chosen.

cuttles: yea I do that a lot when my health is low and they are bombing me fast enough I don’t dare stop to heal or eat trying to role my foods into my hand. I haven’t set up hot keys yet

After death you always respawn in one direction… I think it’s south west from were you died (not 100% sure direction, bit 100% sure it’s always the same) maybe this will help a bit.

I read every word. You claimed all was lost. I told you of what was left which is gaining a pittance for your hard work after your failure (which I consider an exploit since you shouldn’t gain 1/4 of the rewards for not completing the mission). No, you never mentioned stats but I was explaining why there was no reason to allow you to return to your quest after you botched the job. And finally it spawns you just outside of the meteors aggro range so you will still be able to see the fallen mobs but land in a safe location.

You comment proves that you are a low level with slow speed and you want to solo the meteor. Once again I will say they are a cake walk with the right stats. If not then why do you get a retry when you are not giving it your all and taking the easy way out? Take it easy, when you get better at the game it will be easier :slight_smile:

I soloed 8 of them before that one, and that had a glitch of spawing 3 hoppers 5 spitters and 6 cuttles all at once. I am at the right level for the planet and have almost maxed defense. But no one is ever 100% bullet proof. they had hit me all in just the right sequence. And When I respawn, I haven’t been able to see any of my dead mobs on my compass. Assuming I suck or am to low, and to slow, isn’t nice. My comment didn’t prove anything of the such.

My reply comment is that I don’t want an exploit, don’t consider it an exploit. You had said “If I wanted to exploit”, when In my previous comments I said the opposite to that.

Death penalty gets pretty harsh at higher levels… revive augments are now available to all! So, buddy up, load a couple of blue jelly blobs and keep each other profitable!

Theres always an opportunity in each problem


I don’t believe all meteor levels should be soloable to encourage coop. Level 1 and 2 are fair enough to do with the right strategy, but anything above that you should need to team up.

I don’t believe every situation needs to be winnable in this game by yourself

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You see, as a solo player you will get lvl 1 and sometime lvl 2. if you got lvl 3 that means there was a player nearby that caused meteorite level increased. happened to me a few times. level 3 is meant for 2-3 players hunting together.