Might of magic

What kind of magic can we expect to be in Oort? And I’m talking about all the possibilities people are presently expecting. Are we talking about some kind of Diseny’s Atlantis type of thing? Where Magic is simply an undiscovered technology? Or even more like Thor? Where magic and tech are the same, but things get a little more fun and intricate? Will people have the ability to develop abilities without the aid of items or buffs? Will people require items to channel their abilities? Etc?

Based on this discussion, I will begin on some ideas I’ve been having, but I am also excited to see where it wanders as well.


read it through, i made it rather detailed, if you dont want to do that then scroll down to ben’s answers on how he imagine magic would work.

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I’m definitely not 100% sold on the idea of having those kinds of classes, even Ben’s response didn’t sound so great. I was thinking Oort was kind of going in an all in one direction, where the magic you used was all the same and originated from the same kinds of sources. It would simply be how you use it that makes it unique. Such as fire or frost, this wouldn’t be “casting” fire or frost, it would be using the same core magic source to either create ultra vibration for heat and fire, or slowing the motion of particles to nullify vibrations to decrease energy, creating cold. And that the strength of these effects would be based on your skill/how many/what kinds of resources you have to help you harness these powers.

The topic also goes into beast, necromancy, soul magic, time magic, blood, and summoning. These I think are way to… Anti-diverse… Or for a lack of better term, “Lore-Messy”.

Thus far, from what I have read anyhow, Oort has demonstrated that the magic is more of an Asgardian kind where rather than tapping into spiritually related magic, it taps into a physical dynamic. Essentially utilizing exotic matter to influence the physical attributes.

Don’t think I have a bias by the way when I disagree with the style of magic you’ve suggested. In fact, I have written a few magic systems in the past few years for books I am working on as well as lore development for myself and a few people I know. I have used just as much spiritually related magic as I have physical based Alchemy.

Here’s a more refined example of what I mean when I speak of how I think magic works based on how Oort has presented itself thus far. Alchemy in a super advanced form.

Let’s say you want to tap into the ability to use magic. This will require a conduit, let’s say you require a gauntlet or arm brace that has Oort shards or something in it, carefully designed to translate your thoughts via neurological intake and physical motions into actions. So you think of fire, your brain would create a simulation of heat in your mind which the gauntlet reads, then when you throw your hand forward, the gauntlet focuses exotic matter in the direction you relay physically, super vibrating the particles at your target location to create the heat. The color wouldn’t really be anything specific. Who knows, maybe we get to choose our own “Color of magic” rather than let the systems choose for us.
While wearing this gauntlet you can practice your skill to enhance your ability to communicate through the gauntlet/arm brace, which essentially programs itself as you go to ‘attune’ itself to your thoughts. This would be considered a form of binding, though it is technically physical, the gauntlet will eventually be easy to use for you, but must take even longer to reprogram itself to attune to anyone else.

The great thing about exotic matter is that it’s possibilities match almost all the abilities most people reference when speaking of magic.

Soul, blood, holy, and summoning magic however are just too… Medieval.

In conclusion, the reason I think this way is when magic is explained most other ways, it simply sounds like WOW, or some other MMO. I think that by adopting the far underutilized version of magic, which is simply science and alchemy, it’d become far more unique. And in my personal experience of being a writer and due to the people in the writing world I have encountered… It’d be best to avoid the spiritual side of magic all together if possible and simply make it as much hyper advanced technology as possible. At least in this case.

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What understood was that it was based around lost Oortian energy and tech?

Yes, this is a perfect example of how I read into it.

I came up with something in this direction so i could base it around the use of crystals:

Red: Blood (Empowering the caster with different buffs acquired from crystals embed into his flesh)
Yellow: Energy (Crystals that can be triggered/thrown to create bursts of fire/heat/electric damage)
Green: Life (Healing allies, making crops grow faster through magic or that sort of thing)
Purple: Enchantment (Empowering tools/armor through crystals lodged in you gloves)
White: Artificing (Creation of tools with different “magical” properties)
Black: Creation (With help from other mages (or if the person can do other magic himself) creating stationary machines with special abilities)

Again, these kinda seem “Lore messy” And eventually I can see it becoming programming messy as well. Like how many items the creators would need to make would be much higher and this gets very tedious. Now, I will say that SOME examples here do have some merit. For example, Artifacting, and creatio. Artifacts requiring more than simply casting exotic matte into something. They would require a kind of empowering to be able to function intricately and utilize exotic matter itself. Or the energy required to control the finer details requiring multiple people in order to create far grander constructs. However, once again, separating them into separate categories becomes much more messy.

As for the rest, here are some simple solutions:

Red. Gross… How about the gauntlet simply naturally makes you more… Proficient physically as it attunes to you.

Yellow. Wear the gauntlet/“activate” it while firing a sling shot.

Green. Using natural materials such as restoration blocks, agricultural items like food, etc, and enhancing them using magic to basically make them more quickly be absorbed by the body, and to help the body mend itself faster, but nothing so simple as casting heal, and boom you’re better. I think it’d be way more immersive if you had to haul the wounded away to work on them for a bit of time before they get all better.

Purple. Simply activating the gauntlets while using your tools, the synchronization the Oort shards have with your mind will do the rest.

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I am not quite sure i understand this?

Separating them into categories is more about what a person focus on learning and not so much about it actually be different energy types.

That could work too, the point was more the enchancing of physical attributes.

Again i am a bit confused?

That is quite a lot more awesome :slight_smile: Again the point was healing i was not going into details around it.

You are incredible good at creating explanations for my very quick mesh-up of ideas.

I would like basic elemental magic to be a system where:

  • When you upgrade it, you get more max mana, faster mana/second charging

  • You use different combinations of elements in varying degrees of power, say to make a basic fire spell (fireball) you concentrate fire mana for an amount of time and then release.

  • The amount of total mana you have would control how powerful it can be, and the mana/second charging of the spell would affect how fast you can make a more powerful spell.

  • Combining multiple elements would result in different spells, say you make a fireball and then a circle motion of wind mana around it, you would make a fast moving fireball that you would have slight control over.

  • When casting spells, there could be a visual representation of the mana being used, and you would see the shape.

  • Say you see someone concentrating fire mana in front of them. You could guess that they were making a fireball, but then you see them casting earth mana around it and you know they are casting lava field

  • This would allow an incredibly flexible magic system, where you raise your proficiency with an element by using it successfully in spells, and increased proficiency gives you a larger amount of that element to use in spells, and faster application of it.

  • You could learn new spells either by finding tomes that describe it, by experimenting by yourself, or by having another player show you how to do it.

Why thank you! I’ll try to explain what I mean by the ones you were confused on.

Artifacts first. Rather than simple “Enchanting” the item with random magic, it would be a combination of both physical materials and programming them with exotic matter. For example, most minerals and materials can be “Charged” with most kinds of energy, if you embedded Oort shard into an item, it would be able to use magic without the holder, or the holder knowing magic or having a gauntlet themselves. Let’s say, you wanted to create/change a grassy biom into a snow biom [which I TOTALLY Will if it becomes possible]. What you would do is embed the action of casting “frost” into the artifact while constructing it. It would require a lot of Oort/ancient resources in order to make since it will be operating on it’s own indefinitely. Once created, you can “Place” it on some kind of alter [just gave myself another idea]. So long as it sits on that special platform, it will cause a large radius to fall snow and make water freeze and have grass textures turn to snowy/grass/ice textures on the dirt and what not.

About separation: I agree, perhaps it would be more of a skill tree rather than making items per skill like a fire staff [Just gave myself another idea!].

Yellow: Basically, if you’re wanting a slightly more explosive effect to accompany any of your cast magic, you can use a pebble in a slingshot to “charge” it with a kind of dark matter which creates a kind of mild singularity which explodes on impact, on top of releasing whatever kind of cast you have set at the time, IE Frost, fire, electricity, etc.

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Well then we actually kinda agree on all this :smiley:

I just wrote the post in kind of a haste. Your lore makes a lot more sense though :slight_smile:

A Lot of this would be covered by a skill tree like I mentioned with @Thorbjorn42gbf. And mana is kind of an old trait personally. It is great for things like DND, but by using the synchronization technique explained with the gauntlet idea above, it would simulate what strength of abilities you’d have. Going in the mana direction, however takes it much further from the ancient technology part of the story as well. HOWEVER, excessive use of the gauntlet could drain you physically, like using it makes you weaker as if you’ve been working out non stop, but I don’t personally agree with separating physical/natural bodily energy into mana.

I do kind of like the visual representation thing.

And yes, practicing on your own, or learning from a second source are two good examples. A lot of people want a teacher to learn faster, but you don’t get those teachers without someone sitting in the top of the mountain learning those things the long way. However, it being far more intricate than simple this spell, that spell, it would kind of be a physics lesson per ability you explore.

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I think advanced magic should be hard to do, and require practice to master using it.
Simple having spells or abilities you just click to activate is really boring, but having mages that actually have to craft their spells using elemental mana would be one of the most epic representations of magic in any game.

The artifact system would not be a click and cast, collecting the exotic matter around you would take time for larger effects, like how you explain collecting/charging mana.

I think getting to that point would either A. Require a TON Of time and training, or B. Make the game feel like another old mmo.

I wanna see if we can’t encourage the topic to explore the possibilities that push way beyond what’s been done in other MMo’s. For instance, I think it would be cool to create a kind of energy cushion below yourself to fall from any height at a safe speed, maybe even glide a bit as well.
And if you wanna create a firey tornado, it’d last a few seconds, and be able to move around based on your movements.

It’s all about taking what we already know, but making it completely new and amazing for such an amazing game.

I do agree with there being a longer charging time for more intricate abilities, though.

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That’s exactly what I was describing though. There could be a couple base shapes that you would draw with mana, and combine the shapes and different essences to do different effects.

You could certainly go, THIS is how you make (spell), but if someone else can reproduce it in a different way then that’s good too.

For example:

  • using a circle shape will concentrate that elemental essence in that area

  • X shape will spread the essence out from that area

  • line shape would be a kind of barrier

So someone could create a wall of fire just using a line, but someone more creative could make a special wall of fire with the different shapes, such as making it explode or having different elements in it.

I’m not sure where you got that, most mmo’s are just point, click, spam abilities and repeat.

What I was describing is conceptually and physically as far from that as I can imagine.

There wouldn’t be “hit the mage to disrupt his spell, has % of failing” but rather "punch that guy before he finishes making (SPELL)! Make him mess up his silly magic air drawing of death!

It’s not so much how it’s used that I am speaking of, it’s how you’re explaining it. I’m talking about the lore of the world, not the mechanics. When you use the words Mana, or essence, what does that relate to in the Oort world. Is mana physical energy? Spiritual energy? Is essence the formula from which the earth, fire, and ice are made? Or some kind of outer-cosmic energy that relates to it on a different plane of existence?

Moving discussion to another thread as a suggestion post for magic.


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It would be better to choose . . . in order . . . sorta . . .
your race, ( reptilian, aves, aquatic etc. )
your class, ( sorcerer, druid, merchant, warrior, etc. )
your type/classification, ( fire sorcerer, healer druid, veteran warrior, etc. )
your magic type, ( fire, morphing, ice, nature, etc. )
and what you specialize in the most. ( damage, healing, etc. )

and the rest, including some of the lower categories,
should be grown on the character over time.
Like adventuring to a village and completing a series of quests-over-time
( “QOT” I just cam up with it! XD )
in order to get the quirk/perk/buff/skill/spell/ability/talent they want.

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