Mini Game Blocks/Props

This would be more of a content suggestion then just a singular item but here it goes:

Allow the construction of a Minigame block can be placed to allow players to create mini games.

Allow props to be made like ■■■■■ with different interactions (like one that bounces off blocks or players, one that can only be hit or nudged by players)

Props and different blocks settings can be alter such as when a certain prop hits a block within minigame zone can earn a team points etc.

I am certain I am explaining this poorly however have at it.

I think allowing players to create mini game zones where certain variables can be changed or edited by player could add a lot of potential to the game.
Especially if you consider also allowing the creation of reward stands so if certain variables are met players can take some prizes.

If something like this has been suggested before I apologies but have at it :slight_smile: