Minigamia VI

I’m going to rent a creative world purely for mini game development and testing. I’ve been coming up with ideas constantly for the last 3 weeks and realized a creative world would be perfect due to infinite blocks and the ability to summon all the necessary tools etc.

I firmly believe that it’s possible to make a variety of unique (enough) mini games to rival Mario Party. Where these games would be peaceful and safe, I also have a bunch of Squid Game style ideas that could be incorporated into a more deadly version, or they could be used for an elimination-based game more like the series.

So I wanted to get a head start on telling everyone about this before I rent the world. If anyone has helpful info on creating worlds, please send them my way. I’m hoping to make a flat world of mostly land with large bodies of water, as opposed to islands/rivers/small lakes.


Strata Slice and Gleam Spiral can give some good flat building areas. Salt Flat too, though has some water usually IIRC.


Ooh, I have a squid game idea…

Layer of blocks
Spotty layer of blocks (can’t be seen by participant)
-or just one layer of blocks above lava-
Lava (can’t be seen by participant)

Players have to hit the ground with a non-forged hammer. Last one left standing wins.

Another might be to create a pit and drag some wildstock into it. All participants jump in & can only have a non-forged totem with them. Snipers aggro the wildstock from above. Last one alive wins.


plots, blocks and tools are free, one can always make flat land if one needs it. I’d suggest adding some of the funky tall exo biomes for grapple games
(+ it is always nice to look at interesting scenery)

maybe even some interesting caves

EDIT: in fact, I’d pick strata slice, 1 ocean biome and then all the floating islands, pancakes, bridges, chasms and other high tier weird stuff, the taller the better

accessibitlity and safety are non-issues on creative


There’s our first two challenges in the Cuttle Games! I’ve found (in my brainstorms) that the dangerous ones pretty much all need setup and coordination, which would call for a planned event. I can hardly express how badly I want to set this up. The idea of creating a flow chart to determine what game comes next depending on the results of the prior… having an array of games that focus on thinning the field or eliminating exact fractions… playing the psychological angleee :drooling_face:

I won’t give any of my deadly challenges away but one of the adapted ideas I had for the peaceful games, which def comes from the same vein as the lava floor idea, is a room filled with water and a glass pane bridge of the same color going across. As long as light source doesn’t reveal it- that’s what this testing planet is for.

@Apt you know I’m all for aesthetics but this planet is for science purposes. Since these would have to be rebuilt on non creative worlds I have to leave the inner workings exposed to view for reference. Especially in the hopes that they interest other people who would build them in their cities.


My main goal here, as with creating a head-to-head and/or team sport, is to introduce activities that promote hanging out. Staying in one place, inside of a settlement, for an extended amount of time in a context other than building, looking at builds, crafting, or just talking… or afk. But even if you afk in this place, you’re just adding to what is ideally a lively spot.

Whether it’s a solo challenge of any kind, a 1v1 game, team sport, or free-for-all, it is most importantly an activity. So that’s my goal… My dream is to walk through a portal into a city where 60 people are hanging out. Maybe a month earlier they came up with a dope team sport and built a sick stadium for it. 8 players on the field/court, 15 buddies of the players are just hanging out watching and cheering them on. Everyone else in the city is there for other reasons, but those reasons happen to be in that location because it is a lively city.

Imagine in 3 months you walk up to a portal of a planet you’re familiar with and there are 12 people on world where you’ve been used to seeing like 1-4. You see all the icons in one area so you go over. There’s a little contest going on and a few spectators laughing while they watch the competitors flop around. You tell your guild in discord and 3 of them show up. It’s reversing the domino effect that has so many of us leaving.

I feel like the biggest nerd for how hype I am on this but I don’t even care. I see a potential path forward so I’m following it. I’m not looking for credit for any games or events that come out of this- I just want them to exist and I want clever people to perfect them.


Creative world Minigamia is now live! I have a temporary bridge on Sorissi for now and I’m down to open bridges wherever. Anyone is free to plot and build or test games.

Right now I only have a titanium grapple level shuffleboort court set up. Going to make an emerald one next for the true pro matches before diving into crazy games.


Could I get perms please, I have got a cool mini game I wanna share :smile:

Edit: Will need both Ovis and Ovis-Farm


I believe it’s set for anyone to plot. Might be super late your time when I get on tonight so if you want to check, the bridge is on the ground between the KBay hub and my tower WIP. If you do need perms let me know and I’ll remote play to friend you.

There’s a huge flat space where I started. You can start anywhere you like, just leave like 10+ plots to the left and right of the shuffleboort arena so I can build a couple versions of the gem level one next to it.

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No rush :slight_smile: When i go to the portal it says “do not have permission for planet”. Will do!

True to form, I logged in to fix perms 45 minutes ago and immediately started playing with grapple forge effects. So many new ideas now.

Permissions are set for all players. I thought when it said “default world settings” it meant they were currently set to public world defaults. Thanks for trying to go so soon! Could have been days/weeks of me thinking nobody wanted to see it :sweat_smile: I’m pumped to see your game.

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Hahah no worries! Will be on tomorrow to build it, its a very familiar game to the real world (whatever ‘real world’ is)

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Maybe Use trap doors vex?

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