Mining Materials?

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I was wondering what is more valuable for the metals if their cook or in the raw form and what metals are more valuable? I’ve been mining a lot lately just don’t know where valuable of things on market now a days are.

Rough minerals are easier to sell. But I highly recommend to smelt them to gain xp and then you can sell the ore


Cook and then sell if you want xp and a little cash.
If you dont care about xp then just sell for a bit more than the cooked. I have found people will pay a little more for uncooked metals so they can get the xp.


Put a shop stand up I will buy some off u…

I have been selling some mass amounts of copper and iron bars.

Copper bars have been selling well for 8 coins but iron isn’t so interesting for 9 coins that I have been selling :smiley:

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