Mining speed - sloped blocks

If I had a sloped block of dirt, I’d prefer the mining speed to be half the cycle of a full block. And no, I don’t have a high tier tool which could make soil mining less tedious. If anyone would be interested in compressed soil, then I’d probably change my mind.
Don’t know what the developers think of this, as it would need to be applied to each an every minable good in the world of BL.

It gives you a full block of soil, so there is no reason to change the mining speed for something that is purely aesthetic.


That’s true. I could accept it as it is atm. It as a suggestion. Also the idea originated because shoveling dirt ist a bit tedious for me right now.

Oh yeah it is definitely grindy, especially when you are trying to get clay or silt for bricks/glass.
It does get a bit better with iron tools tho.