Mining Survival Challenge II Reset


The Mining Survival Challenge II keeps resetting all my progress every time I log off. I get 60-70% through the objectives, and then I need to log off for some reason, and I’m back to where I started.

It’s very annoying, and I’m not sure if it is intentional or not. I understand that you might need to stay on the same world for the duration of the objective since it is a survival challenge, but very often I need to log off before I finish, and then it just resets.


I’ve not been able to reproduce this so far. Are there any other details you can provide? For example:

  • Did you quit the game on any particular objectives, or does it vary?
  • How long are the periods between logging off and logging back on?
  • Was it happening on all Turbulent or Fierce worlds?

And anything else that may be of interest.

  • For me, the objective has reset before, but this time I logged off for a few hours.
  • I was completing the challenge on Serpensarindi
  • The objectives I logged off with are in the image below.


I haven’t attempted these challenges in a long time but the last time I tried they seemed to have a bug where dying on the planet would reset the objectives in the menu but not reset the pinned tracker in the HUD. I would have to unpin and re-pin to get it to match.

Could be an alternative explanation to what’s happening here, as logging off/on would do the same as unpin/pin.


Thanks. That does seem reproducible, so that probably is all that happened!

I’ll try the challenges again without dying!