Mining Tips for Newbies

Hey guys,

So I’ve been playing quite a bit of Boundless with my friend and we’ve been loving it!

But we’re both pretty new and was wondering if you kind folks could help sort something out for us.

We’re wanting to start mining Silver and Gold as well as get some better quality coal. As well as gems at some point.

Which planets would be best for this? I was told Lamblis had an abundance of both, but after a while mining there, I got just a little silver, nothing else.

Maybe, (probably), I just suck at mining. Or maybe it’s not as good a planet as I thought.

If you guys could suggest good planets for us to go to or new mining methods or whatever tricks you guys have to find all the good stuff, that would be great.

Thanks guys. :blush:

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Lamblis is definitely a good starting point, but the higher the tier world the better your chances of finding the higher tier/ rarer metals and materials @Lynxdragon has started putting this map of the galaxy together for us, so you’ll know which worlds are best suited to your server, the higher the tier the rarer the materials, and in most cases the lower(closer to he core) the more plentiful those rare metals are. with a few exceptions(tech components and certain gem types)

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Thanks for that.

So how do you know the Tier of the world?

Also, which tier would I need to find gems, rare metals and gleam?

I understand these are probably very dumb questions and are earning a few well-deserved facepalms. But again, I’m a newb. :rofl:

Thanks for the help.

I dont mind bud, whats the point of knowledge if not to share it?
To tell the tier just look at the full name, placid rugged inhospitable etc shows how dangerous and thus the tier level of the planet, if you check the link i posted before( it was supposed to be a picture) he has actually already gone through the trouble of showing what each world’s tier and server are up to tier 4 i believe. Gems(if im not mistaken appear on the 4+ worlds) rare metals tier 3+ and gleam is the same.
Also, if you check @OmniUno website(google it not sure of the exact url atm) he has all of this broken down as well with the gleam colors to match the planets.


Ah OK, that makes a lot more sense now.

Thanks mate.:grin:

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