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In the current state of mining is it worth it to mine on t3 planets for non-gem resources?

Also, I have found multiple underground cave systems, at the right depth, and am having the hardest time finding gems.

It seems like hunting is a more effective way to get gems at this point, is that intended?

Mining on T3 is about 50% faster than mining on T2 once you have luck maxed. Before then it varies based on your skillpoints.

Gems are generally rare - but at the right spots (it is not evenly distributed even at the right depth) you can get very decent additional rewards for your time.



this here should help

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Whut, really? This is new for me. Could you make sample of this? (like a video or gif)

Soft coal on T3 with max luck drops 3 coal.
Soft coal on T2 with max luck drops 2 coal.

The one extra hit to take it down with a titanium tool makes it quite obvious.

Oh, I see. Thanks!