Missed me?

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been gone from this community for a few months but when I decided to take a visit to the forum again I was surprised to see so much activity here still! I’m missing out on a lot, and I still LOVE this game and the community so I decided i’ll spend a lot more time here again (yay!). No one here probably care too much, but I just wanted to say this!


your not alone. :smile:

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Either of you going to be loading videos?

Fun fact: I did notice you two were missing ,-, Glad you’re back.
@Cirlex I think a saw you on a cube world tweet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice to see you, Karko :smiley:

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I’ve been tweeting about Cube World 24/7 so that’s quite possible…

I am currently getting up to speed with the changes made to the editor. I am thinking about doing videos exploring some of my worlds. I also seeing what new possibilities there are. Might have something to make a video about we will see.


I don’t really make videos! I did some cinematic type videos, and I might do one at some point…

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That one was awesome, still one of my favorites.

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Welcome back you two! :smiley:


WELCOME BACK!! I have missed you both!

Karko, PLEASE get back on to the videos. They were truly the best :smiley:


I didn’t miss you :kissing_heart:


Oh yes you did!

Cirlex who? Nope.

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Welcome back!

(You picked a good time to come back!)

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Can I have your kids?

Propably not… But you can have mine!
Wanted to sell them anyway


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people still play cube world? is anyone taking it over or modding it?

in case you missed it :stuck_out_tongue:
Hype is real btw

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I don’t wanna discuss this here, but just check wollay’s twitter.