Missing Exoworld this week?

I was under the impression that we have 2 exo’s active at any time. Was I wrong? I spent more than 2h searching for it on the sky of heigh tier planets, so I think now is a good time to ask here. Normally it should of appeared yesterday.

Sometime we go a week with out a new exo.

I think devs are going to apply a hotfix for some very dangerous bugs. So they probably turned them down til they are done with that.



I feel like the Exo’s are on a rough 4-day spawn cycle. Sometime 3-4 spawn within that period, sometimes 1 does not spawn for 8 days (or longer)… idk, maybe its just me. Im sure one of you Exo stat guru’s can give us a graph of spawn rates.

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Exos should be rare…makes them more special

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For the first hour before 90% of all the blink disappears.

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Id make that trade if we could PICK the color of the metamorphic rock for that one hour haha

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You :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: marble , don’t you :sweat_smile:

of course…

Saw one this morning from Alcyon


Probably Oealtralor. It’s in the active list, but will be out today. ::[The Exoworlds Archives]::

If you go to Exo Shuttle you can see the currently available exos (and get tokens and learn where to warp and more), it’s at TNT Tana :blush:

Usually I want to be one of the first to go to the exo, if I wait for the ppl that map the exo’s I miss on a lot of resources, and it’s not really worth doing after 2-6h.

We have a PS4 group too if you don’t want to continually refresh the forums. You can join even if you’re on PC, there’s a phone app.

Also several guilds have exo bots that announce them the minute they’re discovered. I assume you could set up notifications for those.

Where, how? :star_struck:

I have the discord of 2-3 guilds, but there are only hunt boots.

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I’ve seen people post PS’s one, but I’m looking in their discord now and I only see a bot that replies if you type !exo

Does any guild have a version of this bot that announces exos?

Personally, I think exos need to regen. I don’t bother with exo mining for the same reason as @cuzzea. I’m sure others are turned off by the lack of regen. (Not regen bombing, natural regen of lucent seams) If the exos came way more often it wouldn’t be a problem. But since that’s not feasible for server cost reasons, I think the exos need some degree of regen. It sucks to wait literally weeks if you need rift, only to find the rift exo popped last night and you just went to bed when it popped, and now you have work so you won’t be able to get to the exo until it’s been up for 20 hours. It’s simply an unfair mechanic - it heavily advantages those with tons of play time, and locks players with limited playtime out of the endgame.

I think the idea of non regenerating exos was a good idea. I liked it when introduced. But it is broken in practice and needs a rebalance. Perhaps having 3 permanent t7’s could be a fix. The exos would still provide new colors, and better drop rates for lucent, but at least lucent would always be available.

I’ve also come around on the color exclusivity. Yes, the game needs some sort of limited resources, but I think the game would be better if people had more options. I’m looking forward to creative mode.

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I think the ps bot does announce them automatically and (I’m not sure) I think it pings people with !explorer role, the way !hunter gets ping for hunt announcements.
But I’m not sure. I don’t use the roles

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Yeah, the PS one seems to (usually) catch them right away automatically from what I’ve seen?

That is a great one to use, can see the number of resource blocks too. I often keep that open when I’m on the computer. :smile: