Mixed List of Suggestions

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I’ve had a bunch of ideas for minor/medium tweaks and improvements bouncing around in my head and discussed with friends, so now I’m finally going to actually post them! I asked on Discord whether I should split all of these up into individual posts or make a single mass suggestion, and they said I should go this route. Apologies in advance for post length! I’ll try to roughly organize suggestions by topic.

Crafting & Forging:

  • Modify Gem and Lucent gear recipes - Remove the Stick and replace it with a smaller number of Titanium Alloy bars
    REASON: The progression of copper/iron to gold/silver to titanium ensures that prior level ores are always valuable - but once you hit gem level gear the need for lower-tier metals drops significantly. Adding Titanium to gem-level recipes will make all lower-level ores more valuable/useful, and possibly create more of a market for lower-level players to sell such metals.

  • Increase flexibility of Lucent gear to at least that of totems, if not slightly higher.
    REASON: Right now lucent gear isnt used much because of how impractical it is to forge - higher base stats dont matter when it typically cannot match the effectiveness of gem-level gear. As a consequence lucent materials are primarily just used for building and crafting. Making them marginally more forgeable will actually create interest in using lucent gear as an upgrade to gem gear.

  • Add a “Rotate Texture” Venerable boon for Chisels
    REASON: For blocks whose texture can be oriented in more than one way, it will rotate the block’s texture in place (without altering material or chisel structure) so that you don’t have to pick up and re-place a block to get the texture oriented right. This will be a benefit to those attempting to either use texture rotation for artistic purposes, or for those whose OCD demands that all blocks be rotated the same way

  • Remove Stamina Boon (just for bombs!) and add 3 new Ease boons for Bombs: Groundbreaker, Bushwhacker, Shrapnel
    DETAIL: These boons ‘specialize’ bombs, making them do more damage to intended targets and less damage (or no damage) to everything else. Groundbreaker increases damage to rock and soil blocks - hammer/shovel focus. Bushwhacker increases damage to wood/foliage blocks - axe focus. Shrapnel increases damage to creatures.
    REASON: Bombs dont see much use outside of buffs and regen because of how awkward they are to use. Specializing them opens a variety of uses - clearing trees in hunt areas without making hazardous holes, more effective terrain levelling, or damaging groups of monsters.


  • Add recipe to turn Rice into Sackcloth
    REASON: This is intended to ensure that Rice has more purpose than JUST as a T3 foodstuff that gets overlooked in favor of Wheat for pies. Oats has a secondary purpose in creating milk; giving Rice an extra purpose will encourage people to play with Rice farming, which is more complex than most other crops out there.

  • Add recipe to turn Juicy Starberries into Syrup
    REASON: Right now Juicy starberries can only be cooked and eaten as-is, making the ‘high tier’ variant of this fruit completely useless and undesirable. At MINIMUM it needs to be usable for syrup. Adding it to further recipes - maybe in place of Tallow in some recipes? - could make it something people don’t immediately throw away.

  • Add a 5-level “Farming Mastery” that increases action speed for seed planting, soil tilling, and fertilising.
    REASON: Right now replanting or initially tilling a huge farm is painstakingly slow, as is applying fertilizer to a large area. This skill would parallel the existing action speed boost of other masteries; in place of a damage boost, consider making the mastery boost crop% and seed% when harvesting by 1% per level, up to a max of 5% crop and 5% seed. This would link it to the 20% boost in the existing farming epic, and mirror how epics and masteries for hammer/axe/shovel reflect each other.

  • Reduce or Remove Goo “random” mutation when not planted in Gleam.
    REASON: Right now when planting goo in rock or sponge between 20-30% of the seeds will change color randomly, meaning you will effectively lose that much of your painstakingly gleam-mutated seed each planting. The argument that pigment balances out in the mixer doesnt reflect how that 20-30% loss reduces your total crop, especially if you just spent multiple plantings getting the seeds’ color right. Either remove the random mutation when not in gleam, or reduce the rate to no more than 5-10%


  • Modify Lava Protection Helix to add extra protection inside guild beacons
    REASON: With the ability to place lava inside beacons, lava-at-home accidents are increasingly possible. Making the Lava Protection helix provide extra protection would make it more worth considering. I’d suggest the levels be 25% world lava/75% guild beacon lava, 50% world lava/100% guild lava, 75% world lava/100% guild lava - i.e. at level 2 it gives in-beacon immunity, and level 3 is only needed for greater protection on worlds.

  • NEW “Safe Harbor” Helix that grants decreased aggro range to all players in guild-aligned beacons
    REASON: This is similar to making guild beacons provide an innocuous brew buff. This helix would make it more feasible to create settlements on higher-tier worlds than are normally seen, without relying on sheer walls everywhere. If this applies to all players (not just guild members) within guild-aligned beacons, it opens the potential for groups to offer ‘safe zones’ in the wild - and for those traversing higher-tier beacons to not be as subject to random monster griefing.

  • NEW “Air Conditioning” Helix that grants atmosphere protection to all players in guild-aligned beacons
    REASON: Similar to above, this effectively gives guild beacons an atmospheric pie buff. Portal hubs increasingly make it easy to get around, but do not always advertise the protection needed to go where gleam and resources are found. This helix would not open the whole planet to exploration, but would allow landing points to be safely traversed without needing new/casual players to get confused and redo their skill trees.


  • Give larger portals additional oort storage slots based on oort cost/hour
    DETAIL: Similar to how spark generators get additional slots when stacked together, add more slots to portals based on roughly half the oort cost per hour.- i.e. 1-2 oort/hour has 1 slots, 3-4 oort/hour has 2 slots, 5/6 oort-hour has 3 slots, 7-8 oort/hour has 4 slots, and 9+ ort/hour has 5 slots. These numbers can be adjusted for balance.
    REASON: Maintaining larger portals can easily fall victim to offline availability - especially during peak offline times like back-to-school, major holidays, etc. Beacons have longer lasting fuel to help account for this, but even the base fuel gives a month where a large beacon can go from full to empty in days. The existing meteor ichor fuel is not a sufficient answer for this need. It would greatly smooth portal operations to have the ability to buffer more oort in portals like this, and with spark generators there’s already a precedent for adding extra storage.

  • Make Oort Amalgam Recipe/Fuel Worth Crafting
    REASON: Last I heard, the math was such that crafting oort into amalgam with meteor ichor did not result in any additional benefit - even given the sheer scarcity/rarity of the ichor itself. Either make the fuel more effective in terms of time added so it outweighs the amount of oort that it uses, or make the recipe produce more amalgam for the same oort cost - either case would make the ichor actually worthwhile to gather and craft.

  • Create Advanced Warp Conduit Recipe
    DETAIL: Craft using warp conduit, ancient corruption, and vital/ancient essence. This is a red-hued warp conduit that reduces the effective blinksec distance of the warp, both allowing for further warp range and reducing the coin cost to open because it’s effectively a shorter warp. The advanced conduits however are unstable and therefore only stay open half as long - 30 seconds, maybe less.
    REASON: Aside from laying the groundwork for even further warps in the future (T8?), this would give a red-colored conduit for decoration and reduce some of the ongoing coin loss due to exoworld spam. It would also give a crafting purpose for Ancient Corruption, which could be interesting lore-wise.


  • Give coils and machines a visible color change when worn out
    REASON: Visual indicator that doesn’t require permissions or looking over EVERY coil/machine to know it’s needed. When youve got 24 coils and one of them is dead, it’s not easy to tell that a shock line is missing. Make the coil lights go dark or something.

  • Add option to “Cancel All” for queues

New Decorative Blocks

All of these will give an opportunity for more varied/themed builds, as well as provide a purpose for huge stockpiles of some materials:

  • Add compacted forms of the following resources, allowing them to be placed as blocks.
  1. All four orb types: pulsating/vital/shimmering/shadow - These already have a neat shimmering/glowing texture that’d look great on a block
  2. Bone, Tallow, Hide, Creature Mantle, Raw Meat, Prime Meat, Lean Meat - These drops could lead to a interesting ‘organic’ builds - just in time for halloween!
  3. Vital & Ancient Essence - More sparkly textures!
  • Add “Technical” Blocks - Machined Metal + Technology
    DETAIL: Machined Iron/Copper + tech remnant, Machined Gold/Silver + Tech component, Machined titanium + tech device. A smoother block than the machined version with a detailed (maybe glowing?) circuit pattern across its surface. Not as “welded plate” as the current machined block look.

  • Replace Refined Gems with placeable seamless gem blocks
    REASON: Builders frequently love the large/smooth texture of compact gem blocks, but wish for a seamless version that didn’t have the ‘box’ enclosing it. Lucent blocks actually work this way - the ‘refined’ version is seamless AND is what’s used in crafting! The existing ‘tiny crystal’ refined form of gems isn’t placable in world, and for no good reason - instead just swap these for a refined block version that can be placed and update all crafting recipes to require that instead, same as Lucent crafting. Why have them be treated differently?
    ALTERNATE: If for some reason it’s not possible to swap the recipes, then create a decorative ‘polished’ gem block that can be crafted from compact blocks.

  • Add Decorative Gleam Blocks
    REASON: Especially with the advent of underground farms, there is an increased demand for all forms of gleam illumination. Unfortunately ‘Refined’ Gleam has a cracked texture that often leads to it being ignored as an eyesore. Similar to gems we need a refined/polished form of gleam to serve as an advanced light source OTHER than Lanterns being the only option. Crafting can be as simple as Refined Gleam + Wax similar to decorative rock.

If you’ve read to the bottom of all these suggestions, thank you for taking the time! I hope some of these resonate and are worth implementing into the full game. Please let me know if you would like further detail on any of these ideas.



Many great ideas, thank you for sharing :slight_smile: Especially with regard to the machines and new decorative blocks topics, forging and farming are not things that i’m too familiar with.

Those already have a good market tho. TNT, Nova Golda, and @QuimbyBoundless to name a few that regularly buy the metals. Oh and the coal ore and fuel shop that @RedY3 owns as well.

Like your portal idea. As for the Oort amalgam tho the portal will stay open longer using it. It’s just people would rather use normal Oort over losing some. The amalgam was never intended to be the primary way to fuel portals. It’s there for when you need to use it because you’ll be gone for a week or two.


You should try some floating food they’re fun, and sometimes useful.

I sold thousands of ore today for probably 40-60k. Finding the baskets to sale to is the hard part. There’s demand, just finding it is the hard part.

I think oort amalgam is worth it, because it costs more at the price of convenience as it was designed to do. It gives portal managers the ability to fuel less often but the trade off is the cost of the fuel. The option is there if people want it.

Outside of those 2 things a lot of the other stuff I think are some good ideas.


Amd RedY3 now has baskets at Coin Converters at Nova Golda too!

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Using sticks to craft my gem tools still kinda makes me chuckle. Even for gold/silver/titanium tools it should require iron or something. Rotate texture would be very nice. Love the bomb ideas. Agree very much there are too many little used items. As for the guild buffs, I’m starting to feel like there’s a lot, and a lot of what you suggested was ambient stuff for builds, so maybe there could be another object for stuff like creature protection that would have to be built and fueled somehow? Also +1 on the deco blocks.


Some very good ideas here ^ _ ^ especially that pattern changer chisel would make life so much easier o_o


I use all tiers depending on the situation, still go through stacks and stacks of titanium. Gold is currently about half of the value of a diamond, is it really that bad?

Rest of the stuff is great! I could add to the list a “Craft all” button, and make tillers at least 3x3 forgeable, with higher durability and speed variations.

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Refilled twice the metal basket today. Keep them coming people :grin:.

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I love this idea!

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Did you guys know all blocks are rotatable? Even gleam and glass?

yes yes yes for everything!

How can I rotate a wood block? Deco wood makes me angry.

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I’d actually argue this on the basis of sedimentary rock. Been doing a lot of transmuting lately and ive seen that if you place ig or meta rock, their orientation is always saved. So you can transmute to sed where it doesn’t matter, then back to one of the others and it will have the same orientation it did before.

If you place sed however, even if you set it against a wall such that the orientation would be sideways for other blocks, transmuting it to meta will always give horizontal lines and ig will always be vertical. So despite sed rock looking slightly different on the sides (sweeping lines in addition to cracks) than on top (solid color with cracks), the orientation is always in that one state.

Helpful tip to those who build with plain rock :point_up_2:.

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I’m a fan. I want to call it ‘the Technology Update’.

It’s based on how you place it and the location of the green “placement” indicator on screen when you do

Yes, that is a super pain.

Too many boons, I prefer to see less Boons and more items.

Lava should be somewhat dangerous to handle, If you make a mistake with it, you should be punished if you stand in it for too long.

Part of the hazard you accept when building a base on a higher tier world, I do not agree with giving blanket protection in that manor.

This should not be a guild buff, This is better off being done in some other manor. I prefer this to be done in a way that requires airlocks and sealed rooms if you wish to nullify the Atmo hazard in an area.