MKB T4 20 Platform Hunt Mon-Fri


(MKB)Mathews, KingLeonidas, & Brina

------------------------- HUNT INFO ---------------------
Hunt Leaders:
@SGTMathews BigBootyNikki
@TheVicious85 KingLeonidas

Days: Monday-To-Friday
Time: 9:00 PM CST / 10:00 PM EST
Duration: 20 Platforms, 2 hr +/-

Bow Type: Any Unforged Gem & Above
Beneficial: Good Oort (min 300), tons of Sweet Beans, flat area’s with little debris, and crazy road runner spawns.
Prize: 100 Oort!!!
1Blinksec: Delta Cancret
Protection: Lvl 1 Caustic
Capacity: 20 Max

Portal Location:
T4 Circarpous I (1 CAUSTIC)
Sovereign Wall on North

T4 PlanetThatsGood (1 CAUSTIC)
Shops/Malls on East

T3 Cephonex Merika
Fantasy Tree on West


  • Arrive 15-30 mins early to reserve your spot, been filling up
  • If you need to leave the hunt, please use sanctum and don’t place portal blocks.
  • Track hunt leader and stick together
  • Please have correct skill page & wait to be revived
  • No dropping trash around group
  • Bombs are only allowed for trees, but it’s extremely rare that we need them
  • HAVE FUN!!

thus hunt is awesome, been going on it each night!

thank you for coming, very much appreciate everyone that joins :slight_smile:

Are you still hunting everyday of the week ?

Yeah, M-F 9pm CST

was funhunt thks guys

Hunt later tonight, come join the fun!