MMO Gamer Psychology / Player Personality Test


I’m a simple person,
atlas in a hand, grapple in the other,
a good set of slingbows for any reason,
coocked prime steaks against the hunger;

hammer, axe, gleam lanterns for every region,
flyng out of an bush or tree you say,
but the cuttletrunks you don’t slay
are the best for a good fly;

I’m not dangerous
I just follow meteorites instead of rainbows :japanese_ogre:


well guess im explorer at 77% ^^


This was pretty accurate.

You are 67% Achiever
53% Explorer
47% Killer
33% Socialiser


care to share full results?


looks like i have to re-do it… it was something like

Explorer 77
Achiever 52
that other one was about 30 somethning
killer 17

now how does that total up? thats well above 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

But then to be fair… some questions were actually different from last night (it seems to be slightly random on what is asked) - eg i was asked at the bottome last night… would you rather A lot of gold? (i think) or aspell which can control other players for xx charges… today it was replaced with 2 exp levels - or an amulate which does 10% player dmg i know its only a bit of fun but… :stuck_out_tongue:


@Barneylee57: from what I saw it totals to 200% so I would expect the missing number to be 54 if you remember the other three correctly


We reached 59 players (actually: 58 players and 1 developer):


26 Explorers: Stormsoul, ElfMarine, Liveey, Chivlet, PendragonTheNinja, Swede, Kirinvar, Spoygg, GreyArt247, Jeffrotheswell, Gorillastomp, Heureka, Xaldafax, FlareQ13, iGoofy, Oggieogham, Stretchious, nevir, Mr-Alex, Samski, DonBab, Ingvar, Sulfurblade, Jiivita, Ancalagon, Barneylee57
5 Achievers: Woe, willcrutchley, Elsiekelsie, Miaii, Havok40k
4 Killers: Karko, Vastar, SePras, Sadmax
1Socializer: virresss


9 Explorers/Achievers: Kelgors, Dulki, Wschichl, HiggsFoton, Zina, Zidio, philelliott, WinterSaber, ThatGreyPoupon
7 Socializers/Explorers: AmandaPan, MrGamer117, boundmore, the-moebius, lesley64, Hashmalash, Prome3us
3 Socializer/Explorer/Achiever: Clexarews, Brightstar, drszxn
2 Achiever/Killer: MoriOni, Minyi
1 Explorer/Killer: Tarahyumaro
1 VERY SPECIAL TRULY MULTITYPE Explorer/Achiever/Killer/Socializer: SethLarcomb

Impossible to categorize.
1 Specialist In Failure: Creegle


60 (59 players 1 dev)
@boundmore they were 57 last time, you added SePras, ThatGreyUpon and Barneylee57

for who’s missing and want to do it test link:


did I miss someone there?


I was updating the previous post first. I double checked now but seems to be right.


Big surprise here…

You are

80% Explorer
73% Socialiser
33% Achiever
13% Killer


we are in the same group so


You are 93% Explorer
60% Achiever
40% Socialiser
7% Killer
This result may be abbreviated as EASK

Yes, I quite approve of this quick synopsis of my Gaming Personality :blush:!