Mobile homes (Thats such a terrible name lol)

So I was thinking and I thought it would be cool to have some type of mobile homes that can move from place to place something a player can have if they’re not much of a home builder or if they are just a traveling craftier that wishes to travel all over different places and other worlds. What I was thinking was to have these mobile homes be like a ship or somethings else. I’m going to refer to them as ships while I explain it and I’m thinking like sea ships so you have an idea what im talking about however they could also be something with wheels or something.These traveling homes wouldn’t be fast maybe 3 times a players sprinting max if that and also wouldn’t be huge for like one person. So they wouldn’t be better in some aspects to an actual non moving home but something you can have a bed on and some containers maybe even some tools for crafting.

Well you're probably thinking well is its a ship for water what if i take it to a world with lava instead of water well then you could make your ship out of other materials that can survive lava and water or other things but what if theirs no liquid  like a desert well this is where i was thinking shards could come in you could make a power source living or nonliving i honestly like the living idea. anyways you could feed it shards and it will give you ship/mobile home abilities. Theses abilities could do require shards and maybe even the option to level your ships abilities with a cap at each tier. Tier 1 worlds would give you certain types of tier 1 shards that could be used to improve your moving home and then if one or more of the skills are maxed out for tier 1 upon entering a tier 2 world some of the abilities can unlock allowing better and new improvements if you can find enough of those worlds shards some that i thought of were(Hover)        hovering would allow the ship to come out of the water and move over flat land and land mobile homes could hover over water and lava. if leveled could travel up slopes and so on as its leveled maybe even a hover boost to jump over some land or the ability to fly if leveled high enough 

(Glide)        Glide would be like landing/falling protection so like after you get hover if you go off anything that's non sloped or a few blocks high to a huge cliff your ship could be take less damage

(Anchor)        Anchor could be kind of like beacons which if decided to have it level too maybe it could be how many times you can anchor a day and this ability could only protected against other players 

(Cloke)        Like Anchor could could protect against monsters instead of other players
and so on for other abilities

There could be a skill that allows certain players to make parts or a hole ship to sell to others as well as have the ship take damage from other players, environment, and also mobs of enemies where players will have to do repairs and also could swap out different parts of their ship to make it better.

A power source could allow the ship to have a little boost from non powered ships as well as let the player check the ships stats and conditions. Also a single player power source could have a limit to the size of the ship it can power limiting the size/ you could also let 3 or 5 players use the token system on the first power source allowing the ship to be bigger. Another thing I thought would be cool is if player A and player B own a ship together then if player A sleeps in his bed in the ship and player B keeps going when player A gets back on he will be on the ship in his bed.

Guilds could make massive ships however have to deal with more obstacles as well as being slower like 1.5 the sprint speed of a player. Also some kind of tracking for them like if you die and don't have a bed you could still find you're/a friends ship or a traveling shop. if you die and the ship goes under or is in a cave or something you could still find and repair it even if its under the water.

We definitly need a TARDIS … EVERYONE!!! … No, just a joke ^^

I think having something like a mobile beaconed vessel (like a ship) would be a bit problematic, cuz what is when this vessels colide or a gathering all over one place. The last one would look not very beautiful and remembers me of the good old Ultima online times, where mages could tame gigantic dragons and if those guys met in Town, there was no town left to see under the dragons ^^ … So I don’t think that such vessels should find a way into Oort, or at least they should get limited very in size (max would be like 10x10x10 for example. The next problem would be the integration into the engine, cuz even if it would look like voxels, it will not move as voxel blocks but has do be an owen object (cuz as voxels it would move blockwise, not fluid.

well they wouldn’t be super huge so 10x10x10 would be a descant size for some and i don’t think you would bring them into town like park them outside of town and wlk in or just leave it some where safe also if the you had the option of turning there beacons off which is an option already for normal ones or just have them a square box XD

could also scrap the beacon idea completely

just started playing trove out of curiosity and I LOVE how they handle the ‘mobile’ home idea.

you could even tie a rip-off of that with the current beacon/portal systems?

I just really hope I have the ability to in a pinch drop some form of temporary portal just to re-supply or drop off loot before a major / more threatening endeavor.
That’s way more appealing than having to carry my home around with me, personally.

I’ve read the descriptions of current portals and I was definitely thinking something a little more one-time-use, specific, and immediate.

Reading YOUR descriptions, though, I’ve gotta say that building a tiny fortress with my friends and then potentially being able to explore with it or fight from it sounds AWESOME. I like the idea of a persistent log-in point, also.

i was thinking that the ship could hold several containers so taking goods from world to world would be much easier and less portal shards cause that sounds like a lot of shards you have to use if there only open for 60 secs or something

even just have a warp to your ship XD which you could park out side of a town or in a safe spot if your in danger pop back to it

they wouldn’t replace home homes and you wouldn’t be forced to use them they would cost some money to repair if damaged and also to improve so a okay money and shard sink i think X3

good scenario i think would be if your not much of a builder and you just have small tiny huts you use a little and then leave around abandon after use the ships could be a more useful home/ safe haven for you
as well as making it easier to transfer all you items and goods to the next world you wanna stay at like if you live on a tier 1 world and wanna move to a tier 2 world so you not filling you main inventory and going back and forth with it over and over again

also say your a merchant you could use it as a shop too taken it to busy worlds and parking it along heavy traffic roads and hot spots instead of having a shop at each world and trying to keep up with each one

and the ships could be made to be a nice little home, for PVP, PVE and so on and if we get better blocks like upside down slopes and such then they could probably look really nice too

cause at release i think we are having 50 worlds that’s 50 shops if there all tier 1 to start and tier 2 is of equal size that’s 100 worlds and a lot of shops to maintain for one player and what if there’s like 56 tiers

ships/homes travelling from world to world would be a bit of a stretch, I’d think.

or would at least be massively hard to do?

if everyone had the option to either
a) walk
b) roll around in your car-house shooting and looting

who would EVER walk?

dig the “warp to safe zone” bit though. and the idea that you could use it as a market stall.

I think that the larger they got the harder they should get to move. exponentially.

They would have size limits so there not massive and they would not be super fast to start with and larger ones would be slower

Mounts and other things would be faster

Limiting the size so they wouldnt be better then building a home if you’re good at building homes and like staying at a main base

If they make gliders and other things like that they will probably make a way to take them between worlds too or there’s going to be a lot of wasted or abandoned loot lol

Mobile homes might just be some kind of airship at most, because of collision issues if it was tied to the ground, assuming of course you are able to customize this ship to your liking. Also you would likely need a set of separate blocks for the game to recognize that it was part of a ship and not just a normal building.

through rifts you can “one-time-port” to different locations (like beacons/players/…). So that would be something like a “town-portal”… but to resupply before a harsh encounter? … coward! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I think it would make a lot more sense to simply allow easy transport to/from your designated home base beacon.
Moving homes is a cool idea but I think would be very difficult to implement on a large scale without causing a lot of problems.

What about mounts with saddlebags?

• Mobility
• Increasing storage depending on size of mount
• Returns to home if you die

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well they were talking about being able to bring animals and things threw portals too so i thought it would be nifty

Also was thinking about for traveling crafters and people that’s arnt really going to build homes so like little shacks and huts everywhere that would be abandoned or not you could maybe reuse then but are you griefting if you reuse it when you don’t know for sure?? could put a beacon on a hut you plan on using a few times but then when you leave the world it now has a few or a lot of abandoned beacons huts lol

would help to keep the game cleaner too :3

i don’t plan on making a home and im sure Oort will draw in a lot of different people that enjoy different things about it so not all home makers specially if portals have time limits and shards to make them arnt abundant

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They had said in one of the terrain regeneration discussions that right now the plan is that anything outside of a beacon will slowly decay similarly to how terrain regenerates. Having a home base protected by a beacon may be necessary unless there is some kind of mobile/cross-world banking system that doesn’t get penalized when you die.

I think building a basic base is not hard, it doesn’t need to be fancier than a 5x5 cube with a door. You probably won’t have to worry about building anything fancier than that if you don’t want to.