Mobility build feedback


I’ve been playing a mobility build for the first time cuz of the gleambows. Overall it’s a ton of fun, so much so that I may work a lot of these skills into my main build. Here’s some things I think could be improved.

  1. High jump feels bad with a high velocity build. Feels like a moon jump instead of a longer jump. I think more of your movement speed should feed into the air control you have over x/z velocity.

  2. Double jump feels bad with high jump. It’s like a quarter block of a jump. I think it should be an entire second jump, high jump strength and all. It costs 10 skill points for the two!

  3. These jump feats are going up against one that triples all your damage. They shouldn’t have tradeoffs.

  4. Double jump should zero out y velocity before applying. (Or something near this.) If you’re falling quick enough, hitting your second jump doesn’t even do anything.

  5. The fall armor skill is amazing, if you keep a low HP build. With 5/5 fall armor and 1/9 HP it’s basically like you’re immune to fall damage. If fall armor scaled like fall damage does, I bet a lot more ppl would put their points into this skill.

  6. Water like… totally sucks. This guy moves as fast in water as my other characters move on land and water still totally sucks. You’re slow. You have to hold down the jump button constantly. There’s nothing to grapple onto. There’s nothing to look at. You can’t even pass the time jumping out of the water to the rhythm of your heartbeat. It’s like chewing cardboard. I hate it.

Ahhh that felt good. Take that, water.

You scrolled past the gif! You are awarded with an idea to improve water.

Add something floating above the water that we can grapple onto and swing off of. I dunno, a floating jellygleam. Make it common enough that water becomes “the grapple minigame”. Having to swim means you lose. Grappling from floating jellygleam to floating jellygleam means you’re winning. There’s no fall damage to worry about so practice with confidence.

Now we have something to do while we are over water. And using grappling hook over terrain becomes “hard mode”. Keep training over the water until you’re ready, kid.


More feedback:

  • [Bug] If you are holding an item that grants the One Jump Ahead quirk (double jump at random) it will cause your dead corpse to hop if you die while holding it.

  • [Bug?] If you have high jump skill and are holding an item that grants the One Jump Ahead quirk; then interact with a machine or storage block, the quirk will sometimes make you jump high enough that you automatically exit the menu.


I haven’t even tried using the extra jump skills. Using grapples for 90% of motion is the only way to go imo. I think jump skills should give grappling a run for it’s money. Jump and grapple skills could be linked like some other skills so you can only pick one. Then buff fall damage so five points gives total immunity. I think jump height would realistically have to be bumped to a potential 20-30 blocks and have speed boosted while jumping just to keep pace with grapple though. Would be way cool to get around like that.


What insanity did I just read? :laughing: 5 points in grapple skills just gives you some extra distance on a grapple. It doesn’t grant you the ability to use a grapple (which might be the comparison with being able to jump 25 blocks). As a grapple maniac, I also spec high jump in any character that actually moves around outside my base. If I had to choose between the two I would probably choose high jump, because grapple length is already generous. But they definitely need to stay stackable.


Scaling fall armor would be a completely backwards “fix” for impact damage. Impact damage needs to be adjusted, not fall armor. (Probably in reality both impact damage and fall armor, but impact damage is the main culprit). A high HP build should not be required to also skill into fall armor just to get the same benefit that a low HP build has without fall armor. When a high HP build takes 90% damage from impact, they will never regenerate the health passively. Whereas a low HP build will regenerate that health in less than three minutes.

Even with a character build that has minimum HP (with fall armor), the impact damage randomly dings me 17 hp here, 20 hp there, for falling from jump height. Not nearly as ludicrous as taking 10% to 50% damage from tripping over a rock, like on a high HP build (even with fall armor), but still rather derpy.

Sorry, had to get that rant out. Otherwise, I completely agree with everything else @a13o said!


NO no no!!!
I NEED these and use them both!!
This is absolutely essential for getting around obstacles, after (or sometimes even before, if I’m sure it’ll grab) the grapple hits its target I will jump and hold reel-in at the same time so right when I’m at the apex of the jump I get yanked in the direction I want to go, hopefully just grazing the obstacle which usually gives me some more height and more time to clear the ground during my swing and give me a good angle of attack for my next grapple shot.

I need this!


Yeah high jump is crucial when climbing those stair cliffs like ice biomes usually have. Grapple in the distance, jump as high as you can, then reel in.

High jump also makes leap frogging along flat terrain better. Grapple the ground in the distance, reel in, and when you’re close to the claw release it and jump. It will fling you forward with the grapple’s momentum. You can chain these. When you get the hang of it, plain running with a max agility build will feel slow by comparison. I get anxiety when my energy runs out and I can’t grapple. Like those nightmares where you’re being chased but your jeans are too starchy and your leg is asleep.



I would suggest trying both of them in tandem, while racing against other players who want to take your gleam from you, before asking to nerf this.

Best results are seen if you try racing on a T5 or T6 world as they tend to have the harsh terrain that makes both almost an requirement


Lol, wow, spun a few heads. I think it could be a nice rework. When properly balanced, it would still be possible to use grapples if you went for jump distance in a scenario where the skills were linked. It would just mean no skill bonus for grappling specifically. I think being able to choose between a Longshot user and a jump and grapple (much shorter without the skill) could be good options for different situations and planet terrain types.

If I’m still not clear, what I’m talking about is a choice between jumping 20m or so and having a normal range grapple to supplement as opposed to using normal single block jumps and a wicked long grapple range.


That can happen if you talk about nerfing anything even remotely related to PvP and/or QoL

The grim reaper would love you for this one. Fall damage is extremely wonky in this game. I can even sustain fall damage with out even jumping. And giving immunity to fall damage at all times while you have this spec’ed could unbalance other aspects, Also I would see this to be hard to control at times if your jumps was always 20 meters high.

I just don’t see the reason for this to be reworked in such a way that makes them mutually exclusive, they are not overpowered when used in combination, in fact it can be slightly dangerous when used in combination as if you do it wrong you can damage yourself.

Being able to transverse harsh terrain is a very big QoL aspect, especially in group situations where you are trying to keep up with the hunt leader. And now that we have our very 1st „PvP“ event in full swing, having both learnt is also extremely useful.


Yo, if I wanted to get picked apart, I would jump into an fire ant mound, or a pen full of hungry chickens. Nothing would get nerfed. There’s an easy way to balance this. I did mention fall damage skills being buffed in my first comment.


If you make them mutually exclusive by making it pick grapple or jump skill then many players see this as a nerf. I do not think making more relevant skills mutually exclusive is a good qol move on the part of the developers. I feel this is not a good use of their time to change this and then have to work on a rebalance due to this change.


It would be a buff to jumping, because jump skills stink at this point. That’s pretty much it



As someone who has actually used jump skills: Double jump does stink and should be buffed. High jump is awesome though.


If double jump + the high jump would cause the 2nd jump to also apply the high jump then this would not be as bad, but for some reason it doesn’t. and needs to be changed and/or reworked.


I realized I had a mistake in my skill build. Only spent 1/5 points in fall armor. And had 96/100 points used total… not sure what happened there. I look forward to experiencing @a13o’s invulnerability.


It’s kindergarten math boi. Those ‘awesome’ jumps are solved and then some just by using a grapple. You get what, 3m jump height? I’ll just sail away on my max range grapple and put those five points into something more worthwhile, like 25m extra length on my grapple. You don’t need to try out the buggy when you know your jet is faster.


Try adding floating pies to your build. It should increase your jump height and lower fall damage :wink:
Edit: you can clear ~6 blocks with Jump epic + air jump epic + Floating pie


Look at the water on Gotho!