Mobs too hard for beginners?

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Hello, I’ve been playing Boundless for a few days now an totaly love it except one single thing:

The mobs. As a newbie I need like around 20 hits on them (which is impossible, I die before that). I have absolutely no protection and as soon as I go out of a shelter, I get killed by monsters that shoot on me.

I’ve moved my camp for the fourth time by now and it’s always the same. After a while some meteorite drops down nearby and floods the area with hostile mobs which makes it uncomfortable to live.

So here are a few questions:

  • Does any other beginner that just begun (not like months ago) has problems with mobs?
  • How can I find a place with less mobs?
  • Why are the mobs sooo strong? They seem to be programmed for endgame and seem, atleast to me, very newbie unfriendly.

This is pretty frustrating. The game is advertised with choosing your own path, no matter if builder, explorer, fighter or whatsoever, but you are basically forced into leveling your combat skills a lot and waste ressources that are important for a beginner to build waepons that have barely any effect for newbies instead of spending these ressources on building.

I expected so much but am really blocked by doing anything by all these hostile mobs.

H E L P :stuck_out_tongue:
(And no, I do not want to join a existing settlement, I want to build my own area)


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I’ve started a new char recently and I don’t think it’s hard to be honest, but you do need to focus on getting the basic skills first, and then acquire some gear, such as iron. That’s when you can start fighting back. Don’t just dive straight into building, even if that’s all you wanna do :slight_smile: First make sure you can stay alive, and then start building.

Hope you get around it :smiley:

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If you’re on a starter world (eg Therka, Solum) then you shouldn’t get meteors landing. Mobs shouldn’t attack you until you’re level 6, and you should be able to run away from lvl 1 Spitters until you craft a slingbow to fight back. I’d advise putting a couple of skills into extra health when you can, it makes it a lot easier.


Are you on a starter world?
There are no meteors on first worlds, sounds like you are on a higher lvl planet.


Well, I’ve been playing for almost 50 hours by now and still find it very struggling. It’s like you are only playing to fight the mobs and the some tiny building until they respawn. Out of the whole time I am playing I have spent atleast 2/3 fighting, dying and running from monsters.

which is basically wasting hard acquired skillpoints on combat skills/health skills, which I thought I wouldn’t need. I guess “define your own role” is just some advertisement gag to catch new players.

Nope,I am on septerfon. But I noticed that I am forced to move to a starter planet to not get spammed by mobs :joy:

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There is a reason why new players are recommended starter planets, and there is a very good reason it is thus named too. :wink:


The reason I moved away from Therka was because the mobs where very annoying on that planet already. It sounds like I HAVE to do combat, tho, which makes it pretty much false advertising to choose your own role. I did not expect to fight mobs 24/7 just to have some spare time to build.

Also, another question, someone in game told me that where I wanted to start my new shelter, is a spitter spawn. How to tell if a place is a spawn or not?

There is no fixed spawn area. Mobs will spawn around you no matter where you go (except in caves, the chance of mob spawning in there is lower than on the surface). The higher the level of the planet, the bigger of a bullet sponge they will be, and the more hard hitting they are. On starter planets, on the spitters are the only thing what will agro on you pretty much; nothing else does unless you provoked it some how. EU stater planet is Therka. Starter planets are plenty safe except for the occasional spitters. If for whatever reason you kept getting spitters spawning on you while you are building on a starter planet, you can blame the RNG demon for wanting to make your life miserable.


Hello and welcome to boundless!
Ok, so by now lots of others have already mentioned moving to an easier world. Depending on your geographic region, the beginner worlds are:
On these worlds, mobs are mostly passive, and much easier to combat. Hostile mobs are rare, and typically only lvl 1 and 2 wildstock and lvl 1 spitters live here.

Second tip is to use the terrain to your advantage. You can dodge charge attacks and projectiles by hiding around trees or hills.

Thirdly, be sure to invest some skill points into vitality. Don’t neglect to eat food to keep your health bar full (and energy when the update goes live!) And nothing should be able to one-shot you.

Lastly, consider buidling a low wall or around naturally defensive positions such as mountain or hill tops, or cliff faces. Mobs will spawn near you, but never inside of one of your plots. You can keep them from wandering into your plots with some simple fortifications.
Hope this helps!


AUS starter world is really Vena V, Andooweem is very beautiful, but is the moon of Vena.

I suggest you to upgrade vitality 1-3 steps (or attribute bonus) if you plan to make home base to Septerfon or more dangerous planet. What is your characters current level? I think somewhere after level 20 latest you there should be some point to be able to spend to more freely.
Also you might level faster on starter planet as blocks have more hp/durability in Septerfon than in Therka.

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Oops! That shows how often I visit the land down under!

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I think James said they will have some completely peaceful starter worlds at 1.0, but I haven’t been able to find that post.



Sounds very bad to me.

I think I will give it a try. Even though I’ve spent all the coins moving around for the last days. Let’s hope it’s worth it. Thank you for the info :wink:

I think if all these “basic” it might should be explained or even integrated in the tutorial. (Not a fan of tutorials btw, but this game surely justifies a tutorial and should be even more complex)

This is everything I already wasted on health just to be able to build five minutes after cleaning the area for 20 minutes. Level 18 by now.
2018-03-08 15_04_05-Boundless

Sounds like some plan. :slight_smile:


That should be more than enough HP for a long while. I typically don’t put any more into HP than that at max level. Just keep some cooked starberries handy to fill your health up if you fall when building so you don’t get sniper by a sneaky spitter.


The spitters on a starter world usually only take about 5 hits with a copper slingbow. Might only take 2 hits with an iron slingbow. And the starter world won’t have any hoppers or cuttletrunks.

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I will try my best and report back at some point.
Still a bit bummed by the amount of PVE :wink:

Also I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet. A wildstock pit should let you build calmly if you’re just staying around the area.

Basically the spawn system won’t try to spawn more creatures after a set number has already spawned around you. So basically make a 2 x 2 x 2 hole and proceed to shoot wildstock and lead them there.

Now you got yourself a wildstock pit that should prevent spitters from spawning.


Maybe it’s just me, but this guy seems like a troll.

Intentionally going to a non-starter planet then complaining about how hard the game is doesn’t seem genuine…

@Brightstar this is not helpful.