Mod WIP - adding info for Single Bulk and Mass crafts to item description

So I have finished all the legwork on my first PC Mod intended for crafters (like myself)

It is not fancy but it adds the output and ingredient input amounts of Single / Bulk / Mass crafts to the item descriptions so they show up when you right click an item in inventory or click it after searching for it in the knowledge tab. It also adds it when crafting sadly, which is redundant in the crafting interface but I don’t have a way around it.

So… I made a quick version for testing that adds it to the fast brews and compact coals just to ensure it actually works. It works for me but I would kinda like 1 or 2 other people to test it on their PCs before I go through the effort of adding it to the rest.

For me it looks like this now: It adds output amounts first 3 added lines are for the output amounts and then each required ingredient is listed with the amounts needed for S,B,M

Examples from Knowledge Search

Examples from right clicking from inventory

So… anyone interested in testing it out to make sure it works on other peoples PCs before I dive into finishing it?


I am open to test it. Also I am on Mac, so it’s nice to test on a diff OS :slight_smile:

Sent link to your PMs

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