Modding *Straight Walking*?

This probably won’t help, but Ovis has a video demonstrating a technique using ice and trampoline blocks to create a sort of “automatic Oortian mover”. Once you stand on it and hold jump, you rocket forward and it locks you into the direction you are facing. I have one, albeit a short one, that you can try. Find “Bartleblu Crossing” on the top level of TNT, and just follow the bridge across…

if i ever make/finish a farm i’m using that method to do the farming :wink:

found a new way to do it xD

Yeah i do thay too. Close enough to hit the block underneath but not too far you end up falling. Harder to do near the ground for sure.


I’ve previously asked for a “snap to 90” option. Would be super helpful.


ok … but what in the tuskan raiders are you building here … it’s humongous!


it’s a pyramid 48x48 plots and goes to max hight from the water level