Moderating against grieving and bullying

I know this topic is on many players minds because most of us have experienced it already in the game or most have played minecraft at some stage, know what kind of proportions it can take.

I am no expert but I can imagine that the game has game logs where you can track where players are building, exploring etc so if that is the case player should be able to report grievng and there should be a team of moderators with access to the logs so they can see who was there at the the time. All this next to the beacon system ofc.

If the idea of a global chat or something similar comes in play you also need guardians for that to keep things civilised.

Yes I am now thinking of the worst in people but sadly enough there is a lot to go around…

For that I would suggest a ban period for caught grievers same with bullying a ban from chat…

It’s something we care a lot about. We’re looking at how online communities self moderate themselves (forums, Reddit) and there’s some good ideas that could be applied to an MMO sandbox environment. Feel free to make suggestions about how the Oort Online community could self moderate in game!

Could this be moderated by beacon owners over people building within their beacon?