Moebs concerns and a quastion

hey the ingame chat has no blocking off bad words and also the names i seen ingame are a bit to much like private parts names or ahumstuff ive seen so far
is this gonna be fixed?
also the writing tekst with ingame materials
signs or 3dwords with rocks

oh and @Stretchious or @Havok40k i can help people in dutch if someone can add an internatial categorie in dutch for me also in french (but not my motherlanguage but i can read everything and reply as good as posible in frfench i talk this at home with GF)
maybe do them so they send me notifications
that was the quastion


unfortunately people will always be able to do 3d words with blocks… this was a very big asnnoyance with minecraft… as for the rest… it has been said that things will be in place to block people from calling themselves (i apologize, just an example) ■■■■ Head and there will be something like a profanity filtr in-game :wink:

However, people will always be able to write with blocks whichever word they wish i mean… how would you moderate that into the code?

I assume that there will be terms that people agree to, and if they violate those terms they would have their account banned and whatever profanity taken down. If people are determined to be offensive it will be unavoidable, but at least they can do their best to keep it to a minimum.

just by letting others report it maybe :smile:

They have to address it before release. Just hang tight. It looks like there are plans for a greater in game chat features planned for later in Early Access (on the Trello Roadmap) development so we will most likely see it fixed then. :slight_smile:

All user generated content: chat, player names, beacon names, settlement names, signs, etc are logged on the servers and can be reported by players. When reported they will be reviewed and actioned appropriately.

Players will also be able to “report a location” to the game’s moderators. These locations will then be manually reviewed and instantly regenerated if considered unsuitable.


perfect :smile:

I hope to some extent that includes wild builds
Ment to find the players who built “things” in the wild others won’t like.

Players will be able to report Locations and not just Beacon. All locations can be regenerated.

(I guess the only problem would be if the World Builder decided to be offensive!)


thanks james ive had my concerns as ive seen the new players ages drop recently :smile: