More aesthetic animals for oort online

I love the little aesthetic birds in Oort online. I would like to see more aesthetic animals.
some ideas: Fireflies(especially those :smiley: ), grasshoppers, fish, crabs, scorpions, butterflies, bats, etc.
I think they would make the world feel more alive and even more beautiful :smiley:

Please reply your thoughts and animal suggestions :slight_smile:


I perhaps little squirrels that scitter about and dart up trees. :smile:

Would be ultra cute :smiley:

basically things from small insects and birds to critters.

But I feel fishing should be a mechanic. So the fishies must die.

But for now they could be aesthetic :slight_smile:

i personally asked james about it, he said that ben is kind of a fishing fanatic so we are sure to get it. i am trying to get a friend to buy the game, he said if he does buy it. all he wants to do is build a small cottage at the beach and fish every day xD

That’s litterately all I would do in minecraft. And some servers had a fishing plug-in where you could fish up treasure or boots. It was such a beautiful thing.

Hah! That’s @yota that loves fishing!

james lied to me!!! noooo…

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Yes I would love to see more aesthetic animals too! Maybe more types of birds as well!
(omfg yes fireflies we need those pls)

Fireflies would really make the night beautiful <3 Please add fireflies. Maybe different worlds could have different colored fireflies?

That would be epic!

With bugs I hope there would be a bug catching net and uses for them. Like using fireflies as makeshift torches :smirk:
And I +1 on the fishing thing too, Minecraft fishing is chill enough to want to do but not too boring that you wanna stop

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why not just do like skyrim and allow you to rip off the wings of beautiful butterflies ‘‘come here pretty little thing… yeah you are sooo pretty, yes you are, yes you are!.. Rips MUHAHAHAHA’’

i always felt more evil doing that than killing bandits xD

Killing animals is the funniest thing in skyrim ._.
I’m bad and I should feel bad

i would like to hunt, like deers that would run away as soon as they saw you coming, so you had to sneak in on them.

we’re getting dangerously close to animal crossing here lol :stuck_out_tongue:

although that would be an real animal, not an aesthetic one.

I was never blessed enough to play that game BUT I HEARD GOOD THINGS.