More Bandwidth for Ruchs

I had previously posted a support topic on the excessive lag on Ruchs. Well it seems that the reason for this lag was the great amount of change that was happening at one time to the server. Originally when I was alone in the area, placing a large amount of blocks would cause things to get laggy and glitchy, but it was minor and easy to fix by refreshing the game.

With the growing Ruchs Metropolis project, it seems that the server has gotten to the point where no one can really move or work when another person is online working, especially if they have already placed or removed a large number of blocks.

If there are going to be major performance issues with the game anytime a group of people come together, then groups cannot form and hope to function. Already today I was trying to get two more people onto the Ruchs project, but all three of us were lagging because a previous resident had built a large structure today. So with just four people in one area, the game could barely handle us.

I hope those I played with today will also voice their concerns, because one of them mentioned that they didn’t want to join us because of the lag. Which again to my point: the low performance is deterring players from coming together to build.


I just checked the server speed right now (12:30 Us Central Time) and it is bouncing about 380ms to 520ms with constant spikes over 900ms and the server used to be at about 79ms when I first came here.

Sorry about the issue. We will look into what is happening here.

We did see some packet loss on that server around that time. If you see this happening again could you try switching to:

  • Saptu
  • Kohe
  • Lemde

worlds and replying with ping here to help us work out what’s going wrong.

I am mostly to blame for the increase in lag caused on Ruchs. I spent about 4 hours building and terraforming a large section of the map by our community, everything from building 5x5x40 walls, expanding our local river and flatting about 1000 blocks of dirt. This number is small in comparison to what our plans our for the world as we will have a very large area that we are going to work toward flattening for travel between homes. Maybe for the time being giving Ruchs a bit more love as we work to make that visually sexy planet and a piece to show off.

In addition to lag I noticed that when I shovel for excessive periods of time I start to notice my screen getting blurry. I am not sure if this is particles and or smoke but it is not something I would view as needed. My PC runs on maximum specs (I stay on High for Oort to help things run smoother for the time being) so I do not believe this blur is reflexive of my computer.

If you notice this again can you also try restarting the game to see if that fixes it.

When the problem was minor, that was an effective fix. But that hasn’t been working lately, so that’s why I was calling for help. As I mentioned in game, I will be recording the latencies when I am online. This morning was no issue, but the evening tends to get bad. I will keep you informed.