More emotes

I dont know if the idea of emotes is still a work in progress or not since the last post about it here was in 2016 but never the less it would be nice to have permanent emotes like sleep, dance, drunk dance, ect. Also as the sit emote stands right now its a good start but i would like other sit styles for sitting in a one block wide chair. Also the use of a free look camera when permenant emotes like sit are used that way you can move your camera around to look at your character without them piviting around with the rotation of the camera.

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I would also like to see an emote menu rather than chat commands.


Agreed, I think that would be a great addition. Even if it’s a button you click in the new chat system, that would be very co!

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Thats in the works for the next iteration of the new chat (the one after the one that is on the test server).
If my information is correct. :wink: